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Guest Jack Stand_merged

New build is done...thank you

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Guest Jack Stand

Well, by first build is completed. Everything seems to be running fine. No OC'ing.

Cpu-Z says I'm running at 2.6Ghz... WinXP installed and is running well...although it seems apps load kinda slow (??)...The x1950xtx is running GTR2 with all the eye candy maxed out and no stutters even with 60 cars on the track. I ran it for over 10 hrs yesterday...cpu stayed cool but the chipset temps were reading 40c, is that too hot???....I've not run prime95 yet as I'm not able to connect online for the moment....I would like to thank everyone who helped me directly and indirectly on the street. I could not have done this without your input and knowledge which is readily shared by this forum. I spent a lot of time reading everything I could on here and I think that is why my first build went so well. Thank you.

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