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Bad memory module or slot?

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I am not sure if I have a bad memory slot or not. It would be the second orange slot to run in dual-channel mode. I've been running the system with only 1GB of OCZ memory in it for over a year. When I added a stick of memory into the system it would freeze when it got to the Windows XP login screen. I take the stick out and it works fine. The memory sticks are the exact same.


I've ran memtest on it for 2 days now and there are no errors reported yet. Since I bought the memory in pairs I decided to try the other stick out and this time the system will let me into Windows but programs frequently crash.


So is the motherboard damaging my memory? Is there a sure-fire way to tell if the slot is bad? Thanks.


EDIT: I can put the second stick of memory in the second slot (won't run in dual-channel though) and there are no problems.

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