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random shut off problem

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Guys, hope someone can help me on solving an issue I am having.


My sig has the most recent hardware update and I am currently running Bios version 6/23/05-NF-CK804.


I built this rig around a year or so ago and everything was running smooth until recently.

A power problem started couple weeks ago which I have trouble turning on my computer. It started by pressing the power button 3-4 times to turn on and then progress to pressing 10-20 times. (Btw, I was running Antec Neopower 480w before I did the switch to OCZ.)

I even try to turn it on using the power button on the MB thinking it might be my case switch went bad but no luck. Slowly it took longer and longer to turn it on.

All of sudden a second issue came up. While the rig was on and just doing simple task or just idling, it will shut off randomly. It's not quite just power off but Window would try to log off first and 1/3 way through not completely logged off, the power went off. It did that for couple days and never want to turn back on again.

So, after talking to couple friends and searched on Dfi street, everyone pointed at my Antec power supply. I immediately ordered an OCZ Gamexstream 700w unit, installed it, and my rig is back alive again. I even switched out the noisey MB chip fan to Evercool while I was at it.




My first issue is now solved. The rig will turn on every time I press the on button.

My second issue is still there....and got worse....


Not just once a while it will shut off by itself but after it shuts off, without pressing anything, it wants to power back on automatically. I can watch the thing trying to turn itself on but couldn't even pass the bios section and then shuts off again. Couple times, I tried to pull the power cable out of the wall and then plug it back, the rig automatically turns on and shuts off within 4-5 sec. Please also consider that this does not happen every single minute. It will happen maybe twice a day an hour each until it stop doing that...very very annoying.


Do you guys think I need to flash a new bios or the broad is trashed?


All comment welcomed!

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try disabling the "auto restart when windows encounters and error". sounds like there is something causing an error. Check the error log to see if something is reported in there. When is the last time you checked for viruses and spyware?

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I sort of ruled out a software problem because it did the shut off and auto turn on before Window was even loaded. But I'll disable that anyway just to see.


If all else fails, I guess I will have to buy another board....probably not DFI again.

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What do you mean "before windows was even loaded"? Do you mean as it was loading - or while you were in the BIOS or some such?


Do as mentioned. You are most likely getting a BSOD which flashes past too fast to be seen. Turn off the Auto Restart and then check the message.


Are you MemTest stable? Run all tests again overnight to make sure. Are you prime stable? Again, overnight to be sure.

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There could be a short somewhere or something is getting to hot.

What you need to do,


- Take the board out of the case.

- Unplug everything.


The newchipset cooler, is it installed ok?


The base must not be touching anything other than the core.

If you used Arctic silver, make sure it has not spread over anything other than the core.


- Clear your CMOS for 10mins (then move the jumper back to the save position)


- Using 1 memory stick in the top orange slot.

- Plug all 4 power connectors into the board.

- Place the board on a flat non conductive suface.

- Insert the GFX card into the BOTTOM PCIe X16 slot.


Power the board like that. (outside of the case).


What happens?

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