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Problem after installing 7900GS.


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Hey guys..


I recently installed a XFX 7900GS and having a small problem. I removed my previous display drivers before installing the new one with Driver Cleaner..

I have no problem with games or anything.. But I have problem with watchin movies..


Whenever I start to play a movie (Media player, winamp, DivX), the movie is really dark.. Then I have to open the Nvidia control panel in the control panel (or by right clicking on desktop background and choosing Nvidia control panel), and the just point my mouse on the display icon..

As you might know, in nvida control panel there are three main icons.. I just have to click or even just put mouse pointer over the right-most icon and the movie comes to normal color..

I have to do this everytime I start a new movie.. Does anybody know a solution to this..


Thanks guys..

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