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A Short Review On The Thermaltake Mozart Tx VE1000SWA


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I bought this case because I wanted something different, and I wanted something big. I can't say that the thermaltake mozart tx has let me down in these regards. I spent about a week solid trying to figure out weather or not I wanted to go with the SECC steel version, or the all aluminum version. The biggest factor directing me towards the purchase of the aluminum one, was looks. I just really liked the clean look of it, as opposed to the two tone look of the SECC version. Another factor was of course weight. The steel version is about 40 pounds empty, whereas the aluminum a mere 20.


After receiving the giant package, I quickly removed the beast from it's lair, and inspected it while trying not to drool all over it in anticipation of the install. A few things that I was disappointed with right off the bat were the fact that the doors seem a little flimsy as well as the entire back side. While I can understand why they are thin, I am used to steel cases, so I wouldn't have minded a little more thickness in the aluminum. Other than those, my first impressions were very good, and I couldn't wait to get everything installed.


So, rather than taking the doors off, I just decided to prop both doors open, and start the install. First thing I did was remove the entire front of the case, which came off easily with 6 metal clips. Only after removing the front of the case, did I realize just how much work they put into making it. The aluminum has a very nice finish, and is nice and thick, similar to that of a high end surround receiver, only thicker. It felt as if it weighed 10 pounds alone, nearly half of the cases net weight.


I then began to install my optical drive, which was easy enough with the too-less sliders. After this, I removed the hard drive rack, and installed my hard drives. They were very easy to install, and the included rubber silencer bushings were nice, as we all know how loud our hdd's can be. Okay, so before I begin to install the motherboard, I take a perusal through the included hardware, which they definitely did not hold out on. By visual reference I would say that they included twice to three times the amount of hardware needed to install a standard system. I quickly removed the appropriate risers and screwed them into the proper holes on the motherboard tray, making sure everything lined up 100% with my motherboard. After double checking everything, I checked to see if the included I/O shield would line up with my motherboard. Well, much to my disappointment it did not. The karajan audio module of my dfi lanparty ut nf4 ultraD would not line up with the audio out holes in the i/o shield. Removing it was easy, however it was connected to the back of the case with thin tabs of aluminum.


Another problem that became quickly apparent, was that the stock 120mm exhaust fan right above the motherboard tray would not fit with the karajan audio module in place, and A dremel, or other such tool would be needed to shave out part of the fan to make it fit. I just ended up mounting an 80mm, and in the future, will be purchasing a good sound card. Keep in mind that the 120mm exhaust should fit with just about any motherboard, just not the lanparty series with the karajan audio module.


Okay, So with the water block installed on my motherboard, and everything ready to go, I dropped the motherboard in place, and screwed it down. I found that there was ample room to work with, even with the doors still attached. I mounted my Black ice gt stealth 240mm radiator in the back left hand side vertically, with the barbs on the bottom. Despite reading other reviews that stated the radiator will not fit on the right hand side because of the support bar getting in the way of the barbs, I found that I could have mounted this particular radiator on that side without a problem. After getting the rest of the water cooling components installed, with the pump being mounted over in the psu side of the case, I gave everything a good triple check, and proceeded with jump starting the psu, and leak testing everything.


Overall, I would have to say that everything about this case is wonderful. From the ease of installing everything, to the sheer size and brilliant layout, I would have to say this is the best case I have ever had. The airflow of the case is the best I have yet to see, with the possibility of 5 120mm intake and 5 120mm exhaust fans! The included fans are very quiet in my opinion, and push a decent amount of air. The amount of room left over in the case after installing a very decent water cooling system is amazing, and their is so much room left to spare, that I think that I could easily fit another full loop inside without fail.


The fact that you can fit two computers inside this case is amazing, and though I may not end up going that route, I think it would be super cool to try. If you want a case that can fit just about any hardware in existence, this case is for you. It is the biggest case I have ever had the pleasure of installing in, and I can say it is well worth every dollar spent.




Very light for it's size

Lot's of room to work with

Beautiful design

Superb airflow



Cannot fit motherboard area exaust fan with lanparty motherboard.

Flimsy doors, and rear aluminum.

Cannot use included I/O shield with lanparty motherboard.



Older interior shots








Older exterior Shots








Still working on throwing together some updated pictures of better quality.

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We'll see, wifey's Fuji Finepix is only a 5 Mpx camera, but once in a while I get a good pic out of it. The secret is to take like a million snapshots, one of them is bound to be decent. It helps if you have a 1GB card for it ;)

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Just linked some of the older pics. I am going to try and get some good ones of the whole beast with some decent lighting.


@Reelfiles, I've got a sony 7.2 megapixel with a 2GB card, but for some reason this thing is just hard to photograph. I think I will try and get some pics outside or something, as it's cramped in my messy little lab. :)

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