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I would love to go over 2.6ghz x2 3800+

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Is there a way to get past weak cores bah! :tooth:


Oh btw previous board sli-d was the cause of the million errors in memtest with any memory at default speeds and default timings, had someone else here to see for themselves :sweat:, it also caused the soundcard to scream at me every few days . This Sli-DR is SO damn shweeet though :angel:






F1-4000BIU2-2GBHV series by G.Skill passes 9hrs worth of memtest ;)



It errors in about 30mins at 2.62 , at 2.65 it errors in about 5mins with prime this is core 1 , core 0 keeps going ...


Let me know if i need to do anything else , i think i covered all the angles though



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