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More Stupid Freakin' Parents...

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It happens... there is alot of that kind of stuff around here.... child neglect is rampant and it shouldnt be...


Lots of SBS and kids having strange accidents causing their lives....jails are overcrowded now with them stupid parents...

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I don't think I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon here and say "hang them". I don't like to think that bad of someone without knowing the details. Maybe the baby went into shock when the puppy started to bite it and it couldn't scream.


This statement :


Teresa Miller, who sold the puppy to the Hansches, was skeptical the dog did it. "He didn't chew on anything while he was with me. Out of all of them (in the litter), he was the least chewy.


Is she trying to say the people bit off their own kids toes or what. A puppy will chew on a dry turd if you let it.

But what else is a breeder of a very dangerous dog gonna say?

Would you sell a Pit bull to a couple with an infant child?


For all we know this young couple could have been up for 20 hours straight coming home from work and the baby has been crying all day and when they fall asleep something terrible happens. You can say they shouldn't have left a puppy in the room with a child but I'm sure we all have been alone with the family pet when we were young. Speaking as a parent and putting myself in their place I don't think punishing them and taking their baby away is any kind of answer.


Now if they were crackheads that have been sucking on a crack pipe for the last 20 hours then I would throw the book at them and feel good for saying it.


But I didn't see alot of facts in that little clipping to warrant any malice towards them, I feel more sorry for them and the baby than anything

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AAW GODDAMN PEOPLE stop with these SICK stories!!


@Branjo, i respect ur oppinion, but COME ON, howd the puppy get to be in the crib? they let a DOG sleep with a tiny baby? why arent they sleeping wit their baby?

they are the baby's PARENT, and thus should be held responsible. period.


but thats just my oppinion.


and whoever tossed that baby, should be tossed as well, from a HIGHER FLOOR... to EDUCATE them that its actually PAINFUL and SUCKS to fall down from such a floor........


and OMFG wit the microwave!!!! i dont care if i go to HELL for the sin of murder but if i met these people, I WILL TEACH THEM A LESSON OR TWO...


ugh, i ussualy come to this forum to relax... lol i guess i shouldve known better when i open th thread :(

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The baby wasnt in a crib, he or she was in a car seat in the living room beside the parents mattress which was on the floor. I only got that info from reading all of the article.


I personally have to say a great deal of the blame has to lay on the parents. I mean, how could anyone sleep through something like that with the child in the same room?!?


Granted, thats just my insight, but lets try to put some rationality into this. As far as the 6 week old puppy, Thats a hard question, we cant ask the puppy if he was merely trying to nurse (one of the vet's first thoughts). Maybe the 2 parents should also be charged with animal neglegence, if the dog was actually eating the babies toes because it was hungry. Before anyone goes running off at the mouth about ZOMFG it was a pitbull blah blah blah blah BS, remember more people are seriously injured by poodles every year. (more @ HitandRun than anyone else). Killing the dog wont solve the problem, if you really think it will you need to seriously reconsider your moral values.

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I own an American Pit Bull Terrier. AKA a Pit Bull.


They are no worse than any other dog, especially as puppies. In fact, I would bet money that the "pit bull" in the story is not a full blooded pit, but a mix bred by a backyard breeder. BYB's are notorious for selling "papered" pits that are no more a pit bull than your average mutt. They make look like one superfically, but don't have the correct breeding. Some of these dags are horribly inbred and have painful physical defects that reputable breeders would have culled out rather than sell to the unwitting public.


APBTs and AmStaffs can be very good with children. Like any dog, they take lots of work, patience and training to be reliable and fairly safe.


As for the couple sleeping while the baby was left where the dog (doesnt matter if it is a APBT or Pomeranian) can get it, that is 100% plain stupidity.


My son is 7, and I constantly monitor the dog around him. Not that i dont trust either one, but it is stupid to do otherwise.

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