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Rebooting problem

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Hi all


Have just upgraded to the RDX200 CF-DR and was using the legacy memory (of which 2 was a matched pair) in the motherboard. Now that I have a half decent board that will overclock a little (or lots) I put in a matched pair of OCZ Premium ddr400 memory so I could try to overclock a little. I have gone from 2gb to 1gb and have noticed a big difference in my 3d Mark 05 score.


The problem I am having that is annoying me now is that when I boot the pc it will go through the post screen and give you the Windows loading screen and just before the welcome screen would display it reboots. It was only doing this once so I was able to put up with it but last night it did it 5 times before letting me in.


Everything that is in my sig is correct except for the ram, 2 X1950 pros in crossfire mode (both lanes 8x) and the RDX200 CF-DR board instead of the ECS Nforce 939 board.


Now this has only started since changing the memory. I have also notice that it has gone to a 1T command rate from the 2T I had with the legacy ram. The user manual says to change this to 2T for stability but I can't see where in the bios.


Any idea's?

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