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4 x 1024 TWINX2048-4400PRO @ 275 1:1

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Hi Guys


I have 4 x 1024 Corsair TWINX2048-4400PRO that are running in a DFI SLI-DR Venus board ( Bios: 406-BTA )


I Just put in a FX-60 that goes stable @ up to 3080 MHz, so these memory are perfekt for the job, rated at 275 ( 3-4-4-8 2T )


FSB 275 1:1 x 11 = 3025 MHz




I cant get the memory to get stable in 3D applications at that speed and have to use 180 divider


I am using either default or Auto in all other settings than the rated timings, settings look like this...


DRAM Frequency (Mhz)= 180

Command per clock (CPC)= Disable

CAS Latency control (TCL) = 3.0

RAS# TO CAS# delay (TRCD)= 4

MinRAS# active time (TRAS)= 8

Row precharge time (TRP)= 4

Row cycle time (TRC)=

Row refresh cycle time (TRFC)=

Row to row delay (TRRD)=

Write recovery time (TWR)=

Write to read delay (TWTR)=

Read to write delay (TRWT)=

Refresh period (TREF)=

Odd Divisor Correct=

DRAM bank enterleave=



DQS skew control=

DQS skew value=

DRAM drive strength=

DRAM data drive strength=

Max async latency=

DRAM responce time=

Read preamble time=

Idlecycle limit=

Dynamic counter=

R/W Queue bypass=

Bypass max=

32 byte granalarity=


Any help would be very welkome



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It's very unlikely you'll hit 275 (or even close) as sticks are rated like that in pairs only. Adding a second pair puts double the strain on the memory controller on your cpu, effectively reducing the potential speed of those sticks.


So the best you can do is set for 2T and hope for the best, taking it slow. I don't know any particular numbers for those sticks so I can't help on secondaries...


Do note you might need a bit more juice though, with 4 sticks I don't think the values in the bios are quite correct.

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It's highly unlikely you will achieve what you are attempting for the reasons technodanvan has noted. With the processor running at 3050MHz and 2x1GB of memory running at 254MHz with manually set optimized timings, I had to do the following for 4x1GB stability at the same speeds.


CPC set to 2T.

Several of the secondary timings readjusted.

DRAM voltage increased from 2.64 to 2.80.

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With my OCZ Gold 1gb sticks i am able tot do 268 with 2 slots @ 1T and only 215Mhz with 4 slots @ 2T

4GB will just not run the rated speed.

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All above, thanks for your advice. Did not know that it would be a problem reaching rated speeds, when trying for 4 Gig. :O(


Knowing that I will not reach higher than 250-254 could I then tighten some timings instead?


Anyone with experience with INFINEON, 64MX8, CL 3, Die Rev C modules on a DFI board ( 406BTA Bios ) ?





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I found these settings and I got one pass at 3DMark03 with those timings at 2.87 Vdim, seems like the higher voltage I give them the futher i get. But I only gave them up to 2.87 Volts because the next step is 2.92 ( and I don't dare go this high )


Timings are shown here, but from this site...





DRAM Frequency (Mhz)= 200

Command per clock (CPC)= Enabled

CAS Latency control (TCL) = 3.0

RAS# TO CAS# delay (TRCD)= 3

MinRAS# active time (TRAS)= 5

Row precharge time (TRP)= 2

Row cycle time (TRC)= 7

Row refresh cycle time (TRFC)= 14

Row to row delay (TRRD)= 3

Write recovery time (TWR)= 2

Write to read delay (TWTR)= 1

Read to write delay (TRWT)= 3

Refresh period (TREF)= 3120

Odd Divisor Correct= Disable

DRAM bank enterleave= Enable



DQS skew control= Auto

DQS skew value= 0

DRAM drive strength= Auto

DRAM data drive strength= Level 1 ( reduce 50% )

Max async latency= 08.0 ns

DRAM responce time= Normal

Read preamble time= 05.5 ns

Idlecycle limit= 016 Cycles

Dynamic counter= Disable

R/W Queue bypass= 16 X

Bypass max= 7 X

32 byte granalarity= Disable ( 4 Bursts )



Do I dare give them more than 2.87 Volts ?


What timings could I loosen, to get them stable?



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