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Async GFX Clock Question

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I am in the process of gathering information on the "Advanced Chipset Features" (BIOS settings) of the RS482 (thread found here) and have a question for the "Async GFX Clock" setting.


I run the board OC'd to about 2700 Mhz, and have noticed that BattleField 1942 (the first one) seems to "hang" more often at higher overclocked speeds than it does at lower speeds, and I believe the problem is (on-board) video related.


Today while reading this article I found a passage that seems to indicate that the Video speed was somehow connected to the System Bus speed, and it occured to me that it was possible that overclocking the CPU might be causing the video to run faster than it was capable.


An excerpt from the article:

Even better, the BIOS offers options to run the graphics clock mode in sync with system bus or independently of system bus. You can choose to run up to 350MHz for Async.


The BIOS default is to run the "GFX Mode" in "Sync", and the article says that the "Clock Mode is in sync with System Bus" at 200 Mhz.


But what if the System is overclocked ? Does this mean that the System Bus (and therefore the GFX clock) is running faster than 200 Mhz ?


TBH, I'm not sure what they mean by "System Bus". I assume this is the FSB (now called "HTT"), which on my overclocked system is usually somewhere between 270 and 300 Mhz. If the graphics is in "Sync", doesn't this mean that it is overclocked as well ? Possibly TOO fast ?


If so, then my second question is, if I set the GFX mode to "Async" and select a lower speed such as 200 Mhz (which incidently is the "Sync" settings default), wouldn't this then isolate my graphics speed from whatever I might do to the CPU/HTT ?


Anyways, this is the limit of my understanding. Any help would be appreciated.



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