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Turn Off CPU Fan Speed Control?

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My question is simple. At the moment I have the Zalman Fan Mate 2 connected to the cooler, then to the motherboard. In the BIOS it has the "fan fully on if temp >40 yadiyadiyada" I set it so that the fan is fully off at 25 degrees and fully on at 25 degrees, then did the same with smart guardian. The CPU idles at less than 25 degrees with the CNPS9500's fan off anyway (in fact the fan's off now as i type this and CPU temp is about 22-23 degrees C). I've got the Fan Mate 2 on minimum, and when the cpu temp gets over 25 degrees the RPM stays at about 1400RPM (which I believe is the minimum setting), and only goes up when I adjust the speed on the fan mate 2. Does this mean I have effectively "turned off" the automatic control of the fan's speed? or would it be better to unplug the fan mate 2 and just put the settings back as they were before and let the motherboard control the CPU fan?

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