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memory alpha's 1T 2T etc

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T1 is "comand per clock("Enabled") T2 is comand per clock("Disabled') Turning comand per clock off off results in a loss of memory bandwidth and slower latencies. However it also sometimes allows users to clock more mhzs outta' da' mems gaining it back sometime with some profit.


Alphas? Goodness!!! Honestly I really don't really understand them myself. Beyond sometimes playin' with them can either help some,or really really mess things up. LOL Others know more. And I have played with them quite alot. But for the most part for me manually entering the spd values has yeilded the best average results. For testing settings you'll need "nf2 tweaker" This little tool changes the values in windows. So if you hose something up you can reboot and the bios will boot to the values loaded in the bios. Go slow no big jumps. Hehe


Drives and slews. I've played with these quite abit also. But default(Auto) for double sided sticks is 4-11. And for single sided is 2-11. 4 or 2 being the str.

and 11 being the slew rate. On a given dimm slot. For me manually entered std values has resulted in decent results. Again others know more.


Edit: raising the Drv-Str really makes those screens snap open! LOL

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