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X2 3800+ on BigTyphoon + Pop the lid = bad/good idea?

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a rubber footed squeeze clamp works grate for holding that monster and makes good to let you keep your mind on the cutting and not so worried about bending pins:)

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BAM! popped it open! :D


no googone (i checked, they dont carry it anymore apparently here...oh well), but a razor blade and for the cushion for the pin... my cotton jammies (pajama) :) so yes, after 20min or so gruelling effort i got a bunch of pin marks on my right thigh....


i even took pictures, ill upload them as soon as i find the cable for this digicam *ugh*


well i was abit worried as i damaged one of the IC on inside the IHS, but as orthos running for 10min without error, im not too worry...


temperature wise? WORSE haha


well for now that is... from cpu:core1:core2 load 42:66:58, now its currently at 46:72:62.... well i guess AS5 needs some time to cure :) *edited, even worse now lol


picz comin soon......(wheres that damn cable)


there we go:

the victim, the result, and the torture device of choice



naked.......... a form of geek pr0n....

note: please notice THE BOTTOM LEFT IC



this is the bottom left IC zoomed in (i love my camera)


looks pretty ugly huh?


that is one thick, fat slab of metal!



0618EPMW baby!!


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ok Orthos failed after 2 or 3 hours, but tats probably becoz the temp is much higher than before.... 46:73:62,


but its been 12 hrs where i keep (trying) to prime it for 6hr and totally shutoff for 6 hrs and the temp isnt getting any better..... *sigh*


and why is the temp between core1 and core2 is so different?

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not really broke, but i busted one out of the 6 legs.... heck i dunno how its affecting it, so far nothing *fingerscrossed*, but i put the pic there to warn other people ;) careful wit that blade....


update: its better temp now, max out at 46:68:63, but still higher than before the pop.


edit: anybody know if theres a shim i can get to protect a naked X2? or any older shim that will fit an X2? i was just checking my mounting, and altho its strong enough not to move it up and down (parallel wit the mount bolts), but if i wiggle it left and right the heatsink actually moves, which means its not 100% touching the core if its tilted, thus worse cooling and it might even damage it. so i thought a shim could help.....


edit: hmm might need abit of dremel work...


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That thing isnt an IC, its a 4 way capacitor, or possibly a resistor. Wouldnt actually be too hard to change if you could find out the value of it.


As for removing the IHS, the way I see it is if your temps arent lower the heatsink isnt flat on the core, maybe try it so the cpu is horizontal.


EDIT: My money is on resistor actually.

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i just remounted the heatsink last nite. it rises pretty high, then after a short burn-in-cool-down period, it drops about 5C, which still pretty high... BUT it shows that AS5 requires some burnintime... and its not the heatsink. i literally measure the threads on the mounting screw for godsake... its flat alright lol


one of the resistor can cause the temp to rise?? crap....


wouldnt b too hard to change?? buddy, the length of that thing is about 3mm... ive took engineering in college and its definitely not manual-soldering-capable no matter how good ur soldering skills are lol.. we used a machine to do that....


its probably a resistor, more than a cap, just by the number of pins... except its an IC wit a few 3 caps inside.... which is then even worse for me to replace lol

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couple points and suggestions:


Core0 is always stronger and cooler than Core1. My Core0 is still completing SP 8M long after Core1 has crapped out at SP1M, and reports about 5C cooler.


make darn sure you are using the "gpu method" with the AS5 and not the "A64 method", which is only good if the IHS is on. GPU method= spread a very thin layer of AS5 very evenly across the entire surface of the core, not the "pea-sized drop and twist" like you normally would.


you can use shims from old Athlon XPs if you want



Are you sure you are actually moving the heatsink itself and not just the heatpipe assembly? BT is a wet noodle...I can shove mine an inch in either direction and the actual heatsink doesn't budge, even if the mobo starts to bend.


Be sure you tightened it down enough. I go crazy on mine. The Thermaltake crossbar is actually bent I cranked down so hard on the tightening nuts. fwiw.

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odd... my Core0 is always hotter than my core1...... stronger? depends... it screwed up sometimes, but any other time core1 crapped out first... so theyre quite balanced on mine...


yes, definitely, the GPU method, or from their site, the large-opened-dualcore :) which is the spread, not the pea-sized drop.


shims, hmm yeah, definitely a thought.


oooh yes, the heatsink, not the heatpipe assembly lol. i know exactly what u said coz that was the case as well wit my ole' venice and the BT. i can move it around and the assembly kinda shifted, but the heatsink stayed.

but this time, well, BEFORE, the heatsink actually tilted and moved, most probably due to the smaller core and the absent of the 4-sponge dots like the older Athlons to balance it out... thus the shim idea :)


yup, went crazy too here, just to make sureits tight. its tight now.


i re-seated the BT last night. up the vcore 1 notch to *heat it up*, bootup, on load core0 reached 82, core1 to 70...lol kinda freaked out, but im 100% i mounted it correctly. so i kept burning on it, shut it down for a few hours, opened it up again, load dropped to 76/62, so that's good..... i'll be burnin for the next few days... hopefully when its fully merged, the temp is low enough for me to hit 3G ;)


im just crossing my figners so that that IC that i chipped doesnt do any negative effect :(


The Thermaltake crossbar is actually bent I cranked down so hard on the tightening nuts. fwiw.


on a naked core???? wow u got balls lol

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