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Bios reads crazy temp / voltage

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ATX +3.3V Voltage = 3.35V

ATX +5.0V Voltage = 6.45V

ATX +12V Voltage = 12.15V

ATX +5VSB Voltage = 6.61V

Battery Voltage = 3.14V

Cpu Core Voltage: 1.38V

LDT Bus Voltage: 4.12V

Chip Set Voltage 1.56V

DRAM 2.5V Voltage: 2.79V


CPU VID Controler 1.350V

CPU VID Special Control: Auto

LDT Voltage Control 1.20V

Chip Set Voltage Control 1.50V

DRAM Voltage Control 2.70V


My CPU temperature has also been shown from the bios through smartguardian at both extremes. I set the fan to run at 100% speed through smartguardian which is loaded during bootup. At idle it said 6 degrees! I'm aware of the exact same problem on expert boards, but haven't seen much info on it happening to original lanparty boards. Do they both use the exact same ITE8712F chip? Is the cpu temperature sensor located on the board near the cpu?


I also had a very weird occurance where I was running smartguardian which showed me temperature at 8 degrees C at idle. The instant I opened up MBM5, smartguardian showed my CPU temp at 68 degrees C!


Despite all the crazy voltages and temperatures I've just been using coretemp, which I assume is 1000x more accurate than the bios, and have been able to overclock prime95 stable at 2.5ghz at 40 degrees C. I just would like to fix this bios problem to put my mind at ease.


I've checked the +5V rail via one of the 4pin molex connectors and it showed 5.04V or very close to it from boot up to full load. Not quite sure what +5VSB is, but I'm assuming its fine. The LDT voltage is what has really been bugging the hell out of me. I'm positive that my computer would not be running properly if it was really that voltage, but would like to double check either way.


I've tried the 3/29/06 bios as well as the 7/6/2006 bios from tmod 8.1 CD. Both times I did the full CMOS clear for 15 minutes. Would a 24 hour clear make a difference?


Would any expert know if my ITE8712F chip is damaged? Or if there is a thermal resistor or diode next to the cpu that could be damaged and possibly replaced? (The temps for the pwmic and chipset seem fine). Judging from the MBM5 occurance it seems like it could be a software issue, but I don't know enough about the whole system. Since the ITE8712F is pretty much a microcontroller is there anyway I could hook it up to a jtag connector and flash it? Is having an opteron the reason my temps are so far off?


Would DFI tech-support or warranty be my only other options?


*** Thread I made when I had an original problem of my cpu burning out and how it happened


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