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3200cfx performance


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First i had a asrock 939dualsata2

witch aloud me to get 2500mhz from my 3200+ venice

iwent in to the bios and changed the mem timings to 3 3 2 8

set the fsb to 250 and had a superpi time of 33sec


Now i wanted to get more of my proc and bought a 3200cfx

i dit not change enything els.

now i am able to get 2700mhz but wenn i am at 2500mhz

i kan't get a better time then 34,5

Is it posible that a ASROCK board beats a DFI!!!

I think i tried every setting whitch helpt a lot (went from 37sec to 34,5)

but not been able to beat ´my old board hurts.

I'm not so sure about Tref settings i'm now jusing 1560 can sombody tell me whitch setting is faster and witch is more stable? many people use 3120 but thet one is nt working for me (dos't boot)


Please help a DFI newby :)

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