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Enermax 620W Modular died,now wont detect hdd

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As the title said, my Enermax Liberty 620W PSU (got it back when it was on the recommended list) died on me, ive had it all of 6 months so its going straight back. It took its time dieing too, id just installed an Opty 165 and i thought that was the problem at first or motherboard was going until the PSU finnaly gave up the ghost.


So i can be added to the list of people with problems with this PSU!!!


Anyway, im now on a OCZ 700W PSU but for some reason my WD Raptor 36gb, and this is the hdd my OS is on so its all no go atm. Ive tried a full CMOS clear, changing the hdd delay to 2 and 5 and going into pnp/pci options and changed the setting so it re-detects everything on startup.


I cant remember which bios im on unfortunately but im going to go change it to another one anyway and give it a go.


Ive also tried 3 different SATA cables and 4 different slots, my other 2 SATA hdds are detected every time.


And contrary to my sig, im not overclocking atm, just getting everything running b4 i start that again.

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yeah, thats what i figured. Ive changed bios and done a 24hr cmos clear. Unfortunatly the other pc in the house has died as well, it never rains but it pours eh. It doesnt even feel like its powering up, i laid my hand on top as i turned the system on and i cant feel a thing, but i can just feel the other 120gb hdd spinning. So thats another thing to add to my RMA list......

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