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How often do you renew your PC?


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  1. 1.

    • 1-2 months
    • 3-4 months
    • 4-5 months
    • 5-6 months
    • 7-8 months
    • 9-10 months
    • 11-12 months
    • every year
    • every other year
    • whenever I have the money to do so

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The real answer to this question for me is there is no set upgrade time its either when there is something new & interesting to play with or when I am board of all my other stuff.


I have always from as far back as I can remember always done things intensely for a little while like upgrading/playing with my PC then I give up & moved on to something else for a while & so on & on.


I will eventually find myself board & in need of something to sink my time into again & drift back to upgrading then overclocking then a bit of gaming then I get board again & go do something else again.


I normally rotate my time between my hobbies Boating, Motocross, My Nissan Skyline, Overclocking & when I get real skint I open up my ebay shops for a couple of months & trade anything I can get my hands on to make a few quid.

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