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Great News out of Britain!





More BS out of America!!!!





Why is the U.S Government so pressed on locking up its citizens? Besides the fact that they want to tie you up in court costs, lawyer fees, fines, and all the other BS.


So the President is worried about the current state of the economy? How about stop locking people up for BS reasons and leaving a mother and 3 kids behind w/ no bread winner and nothing but poverty to look forward to?!? How are people supposed to get jobs, and spend money to boost the economy.......when they are locked up doing NOTHING but eating up Tax-Payers money to take care of their .!


Wonder why American's seem more rude latley? Probably because we're tired of seeing our country deteroiate before our very eyes! ANd thats the same reason old people are grumpy, by the time you hit 60, your fed up with seeing and hearing stupid politics make ignorant laws that do NOTHING but drive this country further into the ground. Just look @ the 2 links uptop.......Britain is growing up.......why can't we? I mean, come on, last week we banned the Pledge of Allegiance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What the heck is happening to the U.S.A?!?!?!?


I apologize if I post to many politcal threads here, it just seems like everyday I hear something else that I can't believe, and it helps to vent alittle. :blink:

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