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Attn: Minnesota Members (Maybe Sisconsin Too)

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BlueAqua had everything set up and ready to go so it was a matter of adding the insulation.




BlueAqua is like 6'6" and his hands are huge so this pic is a little deceiving.

(Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear!)




Got some fans set up to cool the rest of the board.




And then we started pouring the LN2.




It started to cool immediately and I could feel the cold.




Even though BlueAqua was very gradually adding the LN2 the temp dropped to MINUS 33 very fast.




So we kept adding a little more LN2 :)




OK. now we're at MINUS 90 :D




Now let's top it off and get to around MINUS 113C (both grinning ear to ear)




BlueAqua laughed Maniacally, entered the Bios and upped the voltages (yes, all of them LOL)

Booted right up at 5400MHz 610FSB for a 1M Super-Pi run.

(hehehehehehehee, hahahahahaha, hehehehehehe)




Using SetFSB we started towards the target of 621FSB.

Had a reboot or three and a freeze or two but after switching to another set of Ballistix the beast was at 5616 at 624FSB.




Just one hale of a fun Saturday morning.


We're looking for more Midwest crazies for another get together >

Post in this thread or PM BlueAqua or myself if you're up for a "NerdFest II".

(Please, no StarTrek uniforms this time Sparky)


Wisconsinites must check their cheesehead hats at the door. No exceptions!

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Ha ha nice write up Carl. It was a good time and I'd love to get together again and with some more new folks. This week I'm working on my new test bench V2.0, should be larger and a bit easier to work with. I am also getting an E8500 shortly so 6Ghz is in my sights and it's going to happen!

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I'd be more than willing to have a get together at my place. I can get some fresh LN and we'll have lots to play with. I have a lot of time and am free every weekend, post some times that work for you.

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So Carl came over again today, but this time he was threatening to beat my butt if I didn't get any world records. I'm not sure exactly if this is one, but it's got to be close.


With the help of soundx98 (Thanks Carl).


Some news update:


I made my own LN2 northbridge pot for some extra Mhz.




I very nice 5.808Ghz with a chill 645Mhz FSB!







Vcore: 1.85v -Which is the max for my board.

Vfsb: Max

Vddr: 2.7v

Vnb: 1.8v (anything higher would result in less stability)

Multi at 9 of course

Vsb auto

Crucial Ballistix PC8500 at 5-5-5-15 @ 645Mhz, every other mem timing left in auto.



What's the world record for the E8400 anyways? I tried to solder in some volt mods for the board but was having a rough time getting the solder to stick to those tiny resistors without getting it everywhere. That is something I'm going to get done though.

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Well it turns out to be the #1 E8400 CPU-Z score on HWbot. I'd say it's a world record.


Sparkyftw, just let me know when you'd like to get together. Carl and I have been meeting on Saturday mornings a few times now as that works out for him. I have quite a bit of available time so I'm really flexible. Carl and I used pretty much all of the LN2 now and I'll have to go get some more. It's amazing how long that stuff actually lasts. We just kept pouring and pouring giving the thirsty motherboard drink after drink.


It was a blast knowing just how well it was working. Shh don't tell any cool people but Carl and I were cheering a bit like a couple of excited geeks. haha

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hey a world record is awesome.


I will see if my friend wants to go out some time. For some reason he has a fear of minneapolis.

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