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Attn: Minnesota Members (Maybe Sisconsin Too)

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Thank you so much MNPCTech for having all of us!


In total, I took 113 pictures. Some good, some bad, but all of the same general theme: DFI + MNPCTech ROCK!

Before anything, I want to thank Carl, Bill, Stu, and everyone else who helped put this all together.

This was truly an awesome night.




OK, on with the pictures. Sorry if I don't remember names too well -- that's my own fault (don't take it personal ;))


Carl brought a few prizes to give away... (see above).

Let's just say Matt (Forestorm) won 4 things, which was at least half of what was given away. (Read: LUCKY)

SparkyFTW won Windows XP x64, and apparently doesn't like it much, so he gave it to me? I'm not going to complain!

It was pretty much socializing for the first 2 or so hours, and after the prizes were given away people started to trickle out.

Myself, Matt, Carl, my dad David, Stu, and Bill stuck around for a while after (until around 12AM)

We got a lot done with Matt's case, which can be seen in his worklog here

syngensmyth also stuck around for a while, but he's off to Florida :cool:

Carl won the "grand prize", a 120mm Machined Billet Blowhole Case Mod kit. A $70 value! Thanks MNPCTech!

All in all, it was DEFINATELY worth the trip. I'd do this every weekend if I could.


As Carl said, you think you know what modding is, until you see Bill and Stu at work!

Truly amazing, the pictures will speak for themselves.



Outside the door, we were greeted with some awesome cases. I want the blue one, and Carl wants the yellow one! (both Lian-Li PC-7s)











From left to right: SparkyFTW, Neezer, Neezers friend (Girlfriend? Forgot her name!), Carl, syngensmyth (Forgot name! Real nice guy though), Bill, and Stu













For you, Carl :)



The guys in the studio next door do airbrushing and that sort of thing.

So we took the door of it's hinge and got The Mod Nation's logo drawn on the door!

By the time it was done, everybody but a few of us had left... so it was just Carl, Matt, and myself that got to sign it














Like what you see? Check out The Mod Nation Forums!

This is THE place to be if you're interested in radical case mod ideas. Everything from the simple, to the extreme! (I made that phrase up :rolleyes:)


I'm off to bed :)

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Thanks to the guy's at MNPCTech and soundx98 for their world class hospitality and a great evening. It was fun to finally meet Carl and David and the other guys. Yes Neezer's squeezer (Sarah) was there and she's a winner Neezer, good choice.:)

But the way she kept drawing Forestorm's name for prizes, I would keep an eye on her.


Carl really knows how to throw a party. At first I thought the noise makers, funny hats and dancing girls were somewhat over the top, but in hindsight they were a nice touch. Carl makes a (Minnesota) Ham=Spam-gorganzola cheese-chive dip that is to die for. Carl's sister made Lefse, which kept the Lutherans busy, which is a good thing for a Lutheran to be.


The guys from MNPCTech are all terrific with a great sense of humor and tons of fun. They appear to be an odd combination of Michelangelo/Willy Wonka, with a touch of Tim Allen thrown in for good measure. Their cases are innovative and clever and sometimes funny, but I was stunned at their beauty. These things are works of art to be heir-loomed to your grand children. I'm sure my wife wants me to have the Lian Li Candy Apple Red with the Chrome Blow Hole ... I know she does.


UncleDavid has visually and digitally captured the event for posterity and there will likely be video upcoming.


So, the First Annual DFI-Street of Minnesota get-together is now a cherished memory. Thanks again to all involved and congratulations all around.

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Guest Neezer

Thanks so much MNPCTech! I had an awesome night last night. The cases on display were amazing. I also want to thank Carl for organizing the whole event. I wish I could have stayed longer. And BTW, my gf's name is Sarah. But I am pretty terrible with names too. So it doesn't bother me too much.


Awesome Pics David

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All I have to say is simply incredible. These guys are absolutely amazing. It's hard to put words to the work that these artists accomplish, I think the name "Mod God" would give them both justice. It was honor to watch these gentlemen work, and I can't say it enough how astonishing it was to watch them. Thanks again to the guys for all the help. With something to update feel free to check my log which will be upload when I get home. As for Carl, It was great meeting you, have fun with your new prize, hopefully we can do something like this again. Great times.

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Guest YuKoN
soundx98 Tip for modders - The German word for Virgin is "guttentight" :D


lmfao- i'm half german so i find this especially funny- but i thought it was "guttentighten" lol- don't forget the "weinerschleider" :eek:


sounds like a night to remember- wish i could've been there! great pics david- i for one would like to see all 113 of them, even tho i know it's a pain in the butt to upload all of them to imageshack. great job guys- and congratz to soundx for winning the sweet blowhole grille!

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(First of all, I sure hope that Shatteredsteel, Glitch, and Joe are OK.

I waited outside until 7:10 for you guys and just hope you couldn't make it and everything is alright on your end.

No accidents, arrests, or kidnapings by well endowed Amazon women. You were missed.)


Gonna try and be detailed here so bear with me. :)


I know Bill (MNPCTech), Stu (kikbox), and Matt (Ogre) all left work early and got to the Ivy Arts Building around 4:30PM to make sure everything was set up and ready for us "nerdy little streeters".

The MNPCTech Shop looked awesome.

The latest magazine spreads, slide show presentations off Stu's laptop, and real-live-in-the-flesh kickazz modded cases.

I think there was over a dozen cases on display. The mind reels. :D

And the pictures certainly don't do the cases justice.

I can't describe the quality of the paint jobs or the attention to detail of some of the mods.

There is a depth and perspective that must be seen to believe.


I felt very fortunate that it was my second time there.

I was really overwhelmed with what I saw at Thanksgiving and knew what I wanted to check out again on this visit.


Bill spent some time doing actual mods while we there.

Stu gave us some really concise answers on how some of the mods were done.

Matt "Ogre" was taking photos and video of the festivities as well as answering questions and giving tips.

I am not sure how Bill and Stu were inspired to some of the designs. (No not drugs)

I did see a large number of hammers and large rubber mallets around so I would imagine it has something to do with raps to each others head until they were slightly "stunned".

(Hence the term "The Mod Nation's stunning mods")

Stu gleefully showed us some parts he hoped to incorporate in future mods and you can see some of Bill's handiwork in the Psychosis work log at www.http://www.themodnation-forums.com/


I asked all of them to grace the forum with a "work log" of a mod when they get time.


I've been on a lot of tours and visits to engineering labs in my life.

This was totally different. We were encouraged to look, touch, feel, and ask questions.

Not a tour at all, much more of a party atmosphere. We all felt very comfortable.

Like participants instead of observers.


There were 9 "Steeters" there; Bill, Stu, and Orge from Mod Nation; the artist that did the door; Lynn (the airbrush artist); 4 0r 5 of Stu's friends: and 3-4 folks that just stopped by to see what was going on with the power tools, loud music, and laughter.

Couple dozen wackos at least.

(An older gentleman there must have been wearing identical clothing to mine as I am sure I do not look that old, have hair that thin, or a belly that fat) :)


sparkyFTW (Dan) and his runnin' partner Nate were the first to show up.

For some reason I had pictured Dan as a 130 pound, wirery little guy that wrestled.

"Moose" would be a much better description :D

He and Orge were then biggest in the room by far. By FAR. And all muscle.

sparkyFTW and Nate are really nice guys.

We had a chance to talk about his upcoming Logisys Case Mod and he had just received a new fan from SVC that had been damaged in transit.

(Kudos to the guys at SVC and their great Customer Service. - Remember to use the link in Admin/Moderator's signatures when ordering as it benefit's DFI-Street).


Pic of Dan, George (syngensmyth) and Nate in background.

Sorry about the photo but I was shaking with excitement :)




UncleDavid218 (David) and Forestorm (Matt) pulled in from Duluth right after sparkyFTW and company.

UD218's father (BigDavid) went to visit a friend in the hospital and rejoined us around 9:00.

(BigDavid was a very kewl dude. A very successful and "with it" business man.

A lot like I would imagine ExRoadie, Praz, and some of the other members to be.

Mid 40s to early 50s type that has their sheet together. Knows tools and cars for sure!)


UncleDavid218 looks "exactly" like UncleDavid218 :D

I recognized him immediately when he got out of the car, even in the dim lighting.

(Other than Happy/Angry/Ornery_Games, I think I've seen more pics of UD218 than anyone else on this forum.)

I really enjoyed talking with him throughout the night, he was a lot more laid back than I expected. Good peeps fer sure.

It was a real pleasure to meet him.

UD218 had brought his Lian-Li case down and he really has done a nice job on it.

But I know he's got an itch do some more modding and soon. I predict a new build in the very near future.


Now tell me this doesn't look EXACTLY like you though UncleDavid218 should look.




And then Matt (Forestorm), almost "biatch-slapped" him about 5 times. :)

Almost every time we drew a name for one of the DFI-Street prizes it was his.

He will be forever referred to as "Lucky" (short for Lucky SOB) by the rest of us that were there. It was uncanny.

"Lucky" had brought his Case as well, so Stu and Bill jumped right in with some ideas and then Stu showed "Lucky" and the rest of us how they used a 120mm hole punch (gawd what a clean cut) and then Bill cut the side panel and helped Matt with the window.

They "made" Matt/Lucky/Forestorn do most of the actual work and the case was looking awfully sweet by the end of the night.


Matt the Lucky Mo-Fo with a sheet eatin' grin of course




Neezer and "the lovely Sarah" were really kewl.

I am sure she will be using the "remember the time I went with you to that computer thing" trump card when needed.

Hope you did well on the final today Neezer!


George (syngensmyth) and I gravitated to the beverages and food almost immediately.

He's a really great guy and a true pleasure to talk with.

We covered everything from CoolerMaster Cases to MBM5 and a mutual acquaintance we have in Alexandria, Minnesota. Small world.


This is for George and Big David who ate most of it.

Carl's sister Eve's Spam and Cheese spread

1 - 12 0z can of SPAM

1/2 of a 4 Oz container of Crumbled Gorgonzola Cheese

Mash SPAM and Cheese together with Potato Masher or in Food Processor.


Dice 3 Green Onions. Add 1/2 to 3/4 cup of Mayonaisse for moisture.

Mash again to blend.


Serve on Pumpernickel Rye or cracker of choice. Awful dang easy.


We did a special drawing of goodies for DFI-Street members only. (But not me)

a) sparkyFTW DFI LanParty "Transpo" PC Carrier (from NF2 Ultra-B -never used)

B) Neezer DFI LanParty Green UV Round cables (from NF2 Ultra-B 2x IDE + 1x Floppy - never opened)

c) UncleDavid218 Windows XP x64 Edition (180 Day Trial) in MS Box with Key (you must register-but never used)

d) Neezer 10-Pack Memorex CD-RW (700 MB, 80 Minute)

e) Forestorm 10-Pack Fuji CD-RW (650MB, 74 Minute)

f) Forestorm 5-Pack Verbatim DVD+R (4.7G, 120 Minute)

g) syngensmith 5-Pack Memorex CD-RW (700MB, 80 Minute)

h) Forestorm 1 2"x8" Chomerics T414 + 1 2"x8" Chomerics T412 Thermal Tape

i) Forestorm 1- Verbatim DVD+R DL (8.5GB, 240 Minute, 6X Dual Layer)

j) Forestorm Latest T-Mod Bios and Utility CD v8.5 on CD-RW (a MUST for any DFI-Street member)


Tmod (Terry) PMed me right before I left for the meet and donated a Prize of a New Bios Chip, Pre-flashed with DFI Bios of winners choice and shipped Pre-Paid to the winner (What a class act T)!


Yes, that Lucky SOB "Forestorm" won that as well. Lucky he didn't get rolled on the way out.

Make sure you PM Tmod with your shipping addy and Bios requested "Lucky".


Bill had completed "Lucky's" window mod around Midnight.

We told Bill and that there was no need to give away a 120mm Machined Billet Blowhole Case Mod


He and the rest of "The Mod Nation" had been just too kind and helpful.

But he insisted, so we crumbled up the drawing slips (and of course we were all sure that "Lucky" would win) but lo and behold, I WON IT!

Jebus, it's almost as pretty as my MNPCTech handles.

I did a little dance (actually a couple) and let out many "w00ts" of joy. :D


It was really a lot of fun. Incredible learning experience.

Everyone attending was kewl as hale and it was just great to get together.


UncleDavid and Forestorm - how about some more pics of Bill, Stu, and Matt working on his case.


Bill and Stu are trying to get a LAN together this summer.

Maybe have some "Mod" workshops going on at the same time.


Love to see Travis and the rest of you there.

I know Catkicker, Praz, Playah, GabbyCatt, and Lugie all tried to make it this time, hopefully we can pull off another meet in the "Frozen Tundra" when spring comes.

(Maybe we can get Tmod to visit his old stomping grounds as well) :)


In the interim head on over to www.http://www.themodnation-forums.com/ and check out some really nice awesome builds.


Big Thanks to Travis and Momma for allowing us to pimp our meeting here and the rest of you lunkheads for making DFI-Street such a great forum.



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It's nice to see all you guys had such a good time. Maybe next go around some of us can make it too.

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I can't wait for the next one. Hopefully I will have some progress on my case, and I will actually bring it (it was in the car, but I had to beat david in)


Time to get ready to go to nates humble basement for some gaming

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No need to post them here if they are in his thread.

Just use a little linkage action.

Tell "Lucky" to get on the stick Bro :)

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Sorry guy's my B-Day party ran late and we didn't get back into town till 3ish. I did some more work at the party, so those pics will be in the next update as well.

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I picked up some U-Channel from MNPCTech the other night.

Used it on the G5 Mod window. (Build thread below my sig)

It never looked finished to me, this dressed it up nicely.






Like I said I got big plans for the 120mm Machined Billet Blowhole Case Mod kit.

I need to save up some dough as I need 3 more. :eek2:

Gonna try something with I think a CM Stacker and a little trick scopedog did to his "Barcode" rig.

His is using the discontinued 92mm Blow Hole Kits, but It could only be "badder" with the 120mm.


Looks like a gattling Gun to me!




full build here http://www.themodnation-forums.com/viewtopic.php?t=52

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