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RAM Slots - blue works, black better?

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Hey all just putting my RS482 based system (sig #2) together and I couldn't get it to POST with the RAM in slots 1+2 (the black ones) - the power LED flashes rapidly and I get a long repeating beep from the PC speaker. With only 1 stick in slot 1 the beep disappears but still the flashing LED and no post.


Strangely the system works fine with 1 stick in slot 3 or both sticks in slots 3 + 4.


I'm happy with the RAM in slots 3 + 4 but after a quick search of the forum it seemed like 1 + 2 were the cool slots and I really want to fit in. Seriously though I never plan to expand this system's memory beyond 2 GB but I just thought I would throw this out there.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.


And as a PS, the reason I'm using the Antec 430 PSU is because my Corsair 520 is a DOA :( I push the power button and I get maybe a 1/4 rotation of the fan and that's it.

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isn't it best putting the RAM into slots 1+3 or 2+4? The color coding on this board can be irratating. Putting the RAM into both black/blue slots _won't_ give you dual channel.


Merry christmas,


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Hi ChriZ, actually if you check pages 26-28 of the manual here:




they explain that with 2 sticks of RAM you have to put them both in the same colored slots (i.e. right beside each other) for dual channel operation.


I agree that normally DFI motherboards require you to use slots 1+3 or 2+4 for dual channel but for this board you use 1+2 or 3+4. In either case on any DFI motherboard I have seen you put both sticks into the same colored slots for dual channel operation.

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