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What was ur first dfi pc

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Guest Buckstitch

2- DFI AK76-SN My first one. The other one I built for a friend. I met AG at AMDMB in the DFI section too.


2- DFI AM33-SN For my wife’s Video Store

1- DFI KT600-AL For a friend

I- K8M800-MLVF Won bowling from AG. Now my daughter has it. Thanks AG

1- DFI LanParty NF2 B This is the one I have how its in my Signature

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Your lookin at the first in my sig.


But I have enroute an Expert with the free usb 1 gig flash drive from the egg.

156.00 shipped

Wanted the price to drop some more but was scared they would sellout.

Already bought the 199.99 shipped FX55 retail san diego with free sata2 250 seagate.

Has been on the shelf for a yr a OCZ 520 powerstream sli version (the one with the blue led fan ). Should be plenty cause I only gonna run 1 card. Not into gamin much just love to tweak.

Has been in the drawer for a yr 2x512 Patriot XBLK 4800s that I have had prime stable individually at 290 in my 250DFI.

Just need a case and a video card.

Really likin the way that Antec Nine Hundred looks.

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My first DFI, second built computer. I met AG on AMDMB also.

NF2 LanParty A

XP 2500+

Sapphire 9800non pro -> pro bios flash

Geil PC3500 Golden Dragon 2x256mb

Antec SX1030B + Antec 400w PSU



Upgraded to... or I guess you can say second DFI:

NF2 LanParty B

XP-M 2600+

Corsair TwinX PC3200LL 2x256mb BH-5


My third DFI build is the current rig is in my sig.

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Guest RohypnoL

This one! I don't plan on buying anything BUT DFI for my next PC, and the one after that, and the one after that :) I<3DFI

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First DFI:


Dfi lanparty NF4 Ultra-D (Sold and still using it...)

Athlon 64 3000+ (Sold and still using it...)

Spektec 512 DDR400 (Long gone after switching to Gskill)

SolarMax PSU (Gone too after Antec Truecontrol 2 550w)

80gb PATA hd


And now im switching to Asus...i just cant wait anymore for DFI's RD600...i just cant. (maybe ill change back if DFI's RD600 is the golden mobo for overclock)


Ill have my C2d Build ready next week.

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