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Naked Ol' AMD K6 (Pic & Vid)

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Its nothing great, i simply did this one for the fun of it... to get the feeling of taking the "clothes" off a processor. I am in the process of cleaning up my computer workbench, getting rid of all the old computers I have that have no use... so i took the processor out of an old AMD board (one of the first), and removed the heatspreader.


Interesting how AMD went from:

Heatspreader (K6) > No Heatspreader (Duron) > Heatspreader (64 Bit)


Was expecting when i took the heatsink off that it would have no heatsink.. i was wrong... Here is a pic:




and here is a small video of it hand-held: video link here


you may notice the bandage on my finger... first time experience something always goes wrong, this time i slice my finger. however, im ok :)



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Its great for practice if you plan on doing something like it in the future... or if you just want to test yourself to have the experience.

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