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hynotising and mind control


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following on from a debate i was having with some friends that recommended a hypnotherapist to aid me giving up smoking, I thought Id would get your guys outlook, for me no way hosea, my outlook is that no sensible person would go to these places if the believed in them, someone able to control a mind, I mean if you had to choose someone to look after your mind I can't think of many/any person I could trust enough let alone a complete stranger. Do you believe in hypnosis? well for me people are brainwashed media tv and the like every day, for example for the younger ones among us if I had two tshirts made by the same company but one had a brand print (sonneti,ck, ysl or whatever)on it which one would you choose and why is the printed one valued alot higher than the other, ink dont cost that much!! lol


ps on the note of my smoking cutting down lasted 3 weeks and then i was smoking more than before, grrr:mad: :mad:

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I don't know if I believe in the brand of hypnosis that you speak of or not. I have seen various friends and relatives try these snake oil stop smoking cures.... but all of them still smoke. The only poeple I know that have really quit without acting like they are completely afraid of someone else's cigarettes, are the ones who quit on their own, with no security blanket staples in the ear or voodoo. The way I see it, it is damn hard to quit anything you really enjoy. So I guess the best way to quit, is to condition yourself to know that smoking isn't enjoyable. But, I ain't no doctor or voodoo priest... so what do I know?:confused:

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hypnosis works....I know people that have had it done....


And is hypnosis real.....heck yea...I have seen people closest to me do stupid things while being hypnotised....


There are comedians that do this for fun....and it's very funny...

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sorry fellas... poorly worded post.:O I wasn't challenging hypnosis' authenticity. My point was that in my experience, the poeple I know that have tried it (and various other stop-smoking-easily methods) went immediately back to smoking. It's just like making money... if you want it, you are gonna have to either work for it, or have a lot to begin with. If you wnat to stop smoking, it's probably going to work out the same way. Either you don't smoke in the first place, or it's gonna suck to quit.


On a lighter note, my prison prone little brother says that all you have to do to quit smoking is try to quit for a few days. You'll be in a bad mood, and inevitably, the wifey will piss you off. So you "do away with her", go to prison where they don't allow you to smoke, and the only way to get cigs involves either loads of chapstick, or you wearing chaps. Sure, it's not hypnotism, but it is definitely motivation. heh heh. My brother still smokes. lol

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Do you believe in hypnosis?


This is kind of like asking "Do you believe in Panda Bears?"


Hypnosis is real. Some people are more easily hypnotized then others, but it is a real state of mind that can be induced.


It sounds like you have an idea of hypnosis that is highly influenced by the media, a real generalized concept that is not very accurate. My impression is that you see a hypnotist as some kind of "Witch Doctor". This is not the case.

Hypnosis is *not* mind control. It is a state of consciousness that is very relaxed and opens you to suggestions.


I highly recommend doing a bit of research to educate yourself on the subject. (I mean, we're not talking about Aliens & UFO's here. Hypnosis is a real phenomenon, that has been studied & can be reproduced in a laboratory setting. Here is one place to start.)


Now I am not suggesting that if you go to a hypnotherapist to quit smoking it will work. Frankly, no amount of hypnosis, gum, patches or pills will make you quit smoking. Quitting smoking requires one thing above all else:


The Desire To Quit.


I am talking about a real deep desire to quit. Not, 'oh, I should quit smoking, but...." or 'I think I'll quit today...."


That won't cut it. If you are addicted to nicotine, then you have to *really* want to quit, and you have to be willing to dedicate yourself to quitting.


Quiting smoking sucks. Period. It's not fun at all, AND it is very difficult.

(Very difficult for most people, there are a very, very few that can just drop it and from the sounds of it, you aren't one of them.)


Any how, It sucks & it is difficult. Withdrawal is a classy lady, & will make anyone very edgy & grumpy. It'll last a couple weeks.


It takes ~3 days for nicotine to completely leave the body & it is during those days that the body screams and cries for more...


Over the next couple weeks the bodies cries for *More Nicotine!* settle down to a constant kind of buzz or hum of lack of Nicotine.


Then after about a month or so, you'll reach the point where you have pretty much got the addiction in check. At this point, as long as you don't smoke any tobacco, you won't smoke anymore.


I'll repeat that:


If you don't smoke any tobacco, you won't smoke anymore tobacco.


It may sound silly & redundant, (and it is) but it is true.


Not smoking tobacco anymore is of course the point in quitting after all...

And once you get the addiction to a point where it is managable without all the willpower required to hold back the bodies screams for "just a little bit, just one puff, PLEASE", then it really is as simple as reminding yourself "I am not going to smoke."


You will still want to smoke, & all the habits that you have associated with the craving will still trigger the craving, except, the craving will be psychological, not a physical addiction.



So If you want to quit smoking there are some things that you can do to make the process easier.


Best to start small, think about quitting everytime you smoke. Ponder it, consider it, try to figure out if you really want to quit, or if you actually want to keep smoking.


While you are doing this, if you find that you really want to quit, figure out all the reasons that you want to quit - write them down if you need to. Look at them everyday remind yourself WHY you are going to quit.


Tell your self every day, every cig, "I am going to quit"


Do this for a month or two & when you finally decide "I AM going to Quit" pick a date on the calander for your goal - Your last day of smoking. Give yourself 30-60 days to prepare for the day - and it will require preperation.


And remember when picking the date: THERE IS NO GOOD TIME TO QUIT.

Just pick a date. AND Stick to It.


Now that you have picked a date, it is time to prepare. One of the best things you can do is to cut back. Start by counting every cig you smoke. Keep track of each cig so that at the end of the day you can say to yourself "I smoked 24 cigarettes today." Don't keep track by packs or half packs. Know the number everday.


Then limit the number you smoke everyday. If you usually smoke 24, tomorrow only allow yourself 23. A few days later 22.


The ultimate goal here is to learn to identify the difference between addiction craving & habit craving.

Addiction craving is your body getting tense because it has been three hours since your last fix, & the Nicotine level is getting low...

Habit craving is smoking a cig after dinner even though you had one 30 min ago.


Sometimes it can be easier to break (or start to) break the habit before you break the addiction. Then you are dealing with one thing at a time.


Ideally you want to get to a point where you only smoke when you get an addiction craving & you aren't smoking out of habit anymore.


by now you will have cut back to only a few cigs a day and are only smoking when the addiction calls. Then you can start pushing the addiction back. When the craving comes, Wait 30 min before smoking. Then wait 45 min, etc.


You should be approaching your date by now, and should be smoking less then you usually do.


All these steps are to prevent going cold turkey. Very few people can actually do that, most end up smoking again within days or weeks. Trying to quit cold turkey can also break your willpower and confidence that you CAN quit. If you try & fail several times, you will likely come to expect to fail, and then you will.


When you get to the chosen date, smoke your last cigarette at the end of the day, knowing that tomorrow when you wake up you WILL NOT smoke another cigarette. You have to make a real commitment.



Then you have 2-4 weeks of adjusting to not smoking & having a constant supply of nicotine in your bloodstream.


I suggest you tell the people around you, (Family, friends, co-workers, etc.) what your are doing & that you likely be grumpy to them for a few weeks & thanks for understanding (and hopefully being supportive).


Oh yeah, and DON'T CHEAT! If you have even one little puff, you will have to detox all over again, thus prolonging the process (and thereby not quitting, again the whole point. Smoking a cig = Not quitting).



Now here is where, things like hypnosis come into play. They can *Help* the process along. It is best to stay away from things like gum or patches. These really don't work very well - You only have a 7% chance of quitting for longer then six months if you use them.

The reason. The gum & patches keep you addicted to nicotine, they only address the habit of smoking while keeping you addicted to the nicotine.


I suggest getting some gum, or toothpicks to chew on, by some homeopathic pills that help reduce the craving when you get one. At the very least they can work as a placebo.



And remember that after you quit, don't ever allow yourself to have 'just one.'


You know, the "I've done so well over the last several months, I can have *Just One*" rationalization.

Then you have one, & 2 months down the road, you say "I did it before, I can have One More"

And in a few weeks your at the store buying a pack.....



- - - - - - -



So there is my 2 cents (yeah right, more like $20)


I hope there aren't many spelling errors in there, lol.



Oh, and it has been 6 (or maybe 7) years since I quit....

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as far as hypnosis- it will only work if you really want it to. even in a state of hypnosis- nobody can make you do anything you don't want to do. it's more like suggestion- than mind control.


hope you find something that works for you-

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