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What is your connection speed/type?



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    • Crappy Dialup
    • Cable Modem Broadband
    • Digital Subscriber Link (DSL)
    • Satellite (HST)
    • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

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Satellite here. WildBlue for the provider. I just tested at broadbandreports, and it shows way lower than it usually does. I usually get about 1400Kb down, and about 180-200 Kb up. Today (been having trouble all morning) it shows 1256Kb down, 76Kb up. It sucks, but the speeds are better than dialup for downloads. Latency is the reall killer with satellite... usually get 800-900ms in games. Nowhere near playable.:mad:

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ADSL 1500/256 here - us Aussies are bandwidth strapped due to our low population and wide expanses. When I used to work for a telco, I had 100M to the desktop from the switch and dedicated 3 x 34M fibre streams directly to their ISP centre :)

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