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Motherboard, cpu, ram or what!? Please help me...!

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Hi there...and sorry for my english!


DFI NF4 Expert

AMD 3500 Winchester

2x512 GeIL Value Dual Channel PC3200 400MHz DDR

nVidia 7800 GTX

Zalmann 7700

Maxtor SATA 200 gb


The yellows slots worked fine the first boot with 2 x 512 in dual channel but after no more! Now, when I power on my motherboard there are 3 diagnostic led light on and the fan turn so fast.

I do clear CMOS removing battery but yellows slots don't work yet.

So now I put 1 x 512 in orange slot and it boot.

I tryed to change BIOS too many times but nothing do to.

I test my ram (firt a ram and after another) with memtest #5 and #8 20 passes and no error.




I tryed to install Windows but (oh my god!!!) it's very slow! Before with my asus I install windows in 10 minutes...now there are 1 hour!


Do you thing that my cpu is not compatibile or wrong with the DFI?

Wich bios I have to use in TMOD cd7.5? It's good?

How I can set bios for my RAM?


GeIL Value Dual Channel PC3200 400MHz DDR


1GB (2X512MB)

184pin, Non-ECC, Un-buffered, high performance DDR memory modules.

GeIL 5ns 32x8 & 64x8 Density DDR Chip.

6 Layers Ultra Low Noises Shielded PCB.

Optimized SPD for Dual Channel DDR motherboards.

Blue Aluminum Heat Spreader.

Lifetime Warranty .

CAS 2.5-8-4-4 (GE5123200BDC & GE1G3200BDC)

CAS 3-8-4-4 (GE2G3200BDC)



Thank you very much!


(Tried the RAMs and CPU on another board, boots up fine)

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Please go back and read the rules you agreed to when joining the forum. Pay particular attention to rules #4 and #5. When you have completed a proper signature as the rules require you can pm admin/mod to have this thread unlocked.

Thank you

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Ok, so have you placed both sticks in the orange slots?


And what power supply do you have?

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Im not a DFI expert by any means, but I think I read somewhere that DFI boards to care much for ValueRam. Please, someone, correct me if Im wrong.


How long have you had the board? If you have had it for a while, it worked fine before?

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Welcome to the Street


A guess of mine is PSU? What is your PSU? Copy your rig to a signature and put your PSU in it. Then read this DFI Recommended Power Supplies





Value Ram has that name for a reason. It is not classified as high end performance RAM that is desired in performance motherboards such a DFI.


DFI motherboards where designed from the ground up to overclock. Good quality components are a key factor in the overall performance of these rigs. Quality RAM and PSU’s will make a world of difference in the stability and overclocking ability of the DFI rig. Even if you are not overclocking the board, because of the design quality components are always preferred.

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Ok...now you can see my PSU in signature and I think that It's ok because there is in list that you have link me...


...while...my RAM...hmmmm....i don't know if it's good but i know that in DFI NF4 ULTRA D work fine! :(

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