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Does X-FI Xtreme Music Work with Ultra-D

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recently hooked up an ultra D and i have an x-fi, only problem i've found is the sounds plays up if i overclock it too far.


now i've settled on the overclock not had any problems, using original mobo bios and 6.86 nvidia drivers, x-fi drivers are the 29.007's.

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I have had NO luck with these cards. Sorry to bump a older topic but I'm hoping someone knows a fix by now :confused:

I don't wanna send my card into Creative and have them flash the firmaware, if that will even work? I bought my card yesterday at my local Circuit City, so I would assume it is the new stock that is supposed to work with the NF4 but, it does not. I have tried the Audigy 2 ZS, the X-fi Platinum, and also the XtremeMusic (on my second XtremeMusic now). Not a single one worked. I did get the XtremeMusic to be detected by Windows, but when I tried to install the drivers I got the "no Creative deviced detected, cannot install drivers" error. Even though Windows saw it? I let Windows search for drivers in and it couldn't find any? Changed PCI slots (only have two on my MB) and then I got the BSOD, fallowed by a no-Boot problem, wouldn't even post. I hate that Creative has such a monopoly on the sound card market, and that they refuse to work with my board. All I want is good sound, and a front I/O!! :sad:


EDIT: Sig is wrong as far as the BIOS version, I am currently running the 704-2bta, I wonder if the 623-1 would work better? Only thing I haven't tried is a different BIOS. I have re-installed windows, and removed all extra components except for the sound card and still no luck.

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Without overclocking too?


Best thing I can advise, using default settings. (clear the cmos)


- Place the sound card in the bottom PCI slot


Disable things that you do not need

# Integrated peripherals

- Onchip USB = Disabled

- AC97 Audio = Disabled

- Onboard FDC Controller = Disabled

- Onboard Serial Port 1 = Disabled

- Onboard IRDA Select = Disabled


# Genie Settings

- MAC LAN = Disabled (Turns off nVidia NIC)

- Internal PHY SATA 1/2 = Disabled (Turns off SATA port 1 & 2)

- Internal PHY SATA 3/4 = Disabled (Turns off SATA port 3 & 4)

- VIA 1394 Control = Disabled (Turns off Firewire chip)

- Marvell Giga LAN Control = Disabled (Turns off Marvell NIC)


# PnP/PCI Configurations

- Resources Controlled by = Manual

- IRQ Resources >Press enter >Assign all to PCI Device


# Save & Exit


Reinstall windows + quick format.

Install chipset drivers (do not install the firewall)

GFX drivers

Latest sound card drivers from http://www.soundblaster.com/


And see what happens.


If it fails return it and make sure you get a new one. (latest firmware).

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