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Running Hot

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I run my system overclocked and as such it runs pretty hot.








motherboard=54 degrees.

cpu=46 degrees.

nb= 47 degrees.

hd=42 degrees.

Temperatures are after running counterstrike for about 4 hours.

Problem is that once the motherboard reaches into the 50 degree range,the computer starst to run bad,almost like its locking up.

It does not completly lock up,but does cause me to loose my game i am playing in.

So my question is,will running my 5 fans off the motherboard,cause it to run this hot,and is 54 degrees to hot for the motherboard.

Thanks for any help.

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those temp arent very high


the cpu idle temps is high but the rest of the system seems OK to me,


maybe you should redo the position of your case fan, to make sure you have enough airflow on the pwinc area.


to cool down the NB you could buy a Evercool VC-RE, it fit right there where the stock cooler is and drop temp my a good 5°C even more in some case

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I dropped my cpu voltage back down to 1.4 volts,and added a fan to front of case by hard drive.

This lowered my hd down to 31 degrees,and motherboard to 40.

I also decided to run my ram at 155 divider which is 214 ddr,and bump up my front side bus to 284mhz,giving me a cpu of 2.56 gzGHZ.

So im pretty happy now.

I also took all 5 fans and ran them off my tower,seems to help with stability,could only go up to 276fsb before.

Pretty happy with the overclock,will see how high it goes some time.

Nice to se the mushkin blue hit 260 fsb.at 1-1 divider.

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