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G. Skill memory settings??

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Heya guys. I have an issue with my new G. Skill(thanks Spartacus!) 2gb-HZ kit...I cannot get a stable timing, especially at 1T, and I'm way under the FSB that most of the top clockers use. My settings are as follows.


Bios 04/06

VDimm: 2.6

+0.3 if not 3.2v: disable

FSB: 250

CPU Ratio: x11

CPU Vid: 1.275(seems low, but has worked with my sig ram for over a month, prime stable)

CPU Vid Start-up:1.275



Tcl: 3t

Trcd: 4t

Tras: 8t

Trp: 4t

Trc: 7t

Trfc: Auto

Trrd: 2t

Twr: 2t

Twtr: 2t

Trwr: 3t

Tref: 3120


Dram Bank Interleave: Enable

Voltage Scew Control: Auto

Scew Value: 0

Dram Drive Strength: Auto

Dram Data Drive Strength: Auto

Max Async Latency: Auto

Dram Response Time: Fast

Read Preamble: Auto

Idle Cycle Limit: 256t

Dynamic Cycle Counter: Disable

R/W Queue: 16x

Bypass Max: 7x

32 Byte Granularity: Disable(4 burst)


I love this ram, but I need help getting it stable at 1T, 250+ fsb, as I'm going to be pushing this build hard.


Windows will boot and run, but Prime 95 errors in under 30 seconds, so something is horribly out of sync here.


Just as a side note, this ram is UCCC Samsung chips, if that helps at all. Let me know what you think is going on here, and if I should be flashing to a different bios for this OC. I already have the latest version of Tmod's boot CD.

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Okay, I copied CPDMF's OCDB settings and I still get the same error...I'm going to flash to a different bios and see if I have a bit better luck...the 04/06 has been a dog for me so far.

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Flashed up to the 704-2bt bios from Tony at OCZ, and my issues seem to have gone away. I'm 20 minutes into Prime, stable on both cores so far. I'll report in after 8 hours or an error, whichever comes first, but I think this issue is dicked.


Thanks to everyone who posted help for me, I appreciate it, and hope I can give back similarly.

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