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Going over 300+ FSB

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Hi All, this is my first post here since I am happy enough reading your stickies and they helped me much. I read especially the "Definitve O^C guide" many times from top to the end but I can't still understand only one thing.


Now on A64 the memory controller is situated in the processor itself and thus the northridge doesn't effect the communication between the processor and memory since they are directly linked. In Nf2 the FSB was the chipset speed and in NF3 I think is the same. Ok so what is the purpose of going high fsb speed? Is the vga or anything else is saturated by pushing more the fsb?


Now I am running 310FSB @ 936HTT (DDR1872) and my processor can go 3GHz straight with my vapochill. I have also Gskill pc4200 TCCD ram which runs easily pc3200 @ 1T @ 2.7V. The best bandwidth I gained on the memory was near 7200Mb/s but compared to the chipset is nuts since @ 300Fsb is above 7400MB/s. I am sure to reach 330FSB and more but it's useless in my theory since the ram is impossible to reach that bandwidth.


Comments appreciated

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