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Q./Does anyone know if an ABIT KG7 Mobo will support Athlon xp's above 1900...


I have a 1700 at mo but am thinking of going for either a 2000 xp or a 2100.If the board will take either is it just a case of selecting 'user define' and adjusting the multipliers?


Will the fact i have unregistered DDR cause any 'worries',As i understand that if in plan to use more than two segments of ram i should use registered ram?No plans to do that at mo but when the time comes i will replace the 256 unregistered with a 512 registered then add to it...


My system is a fairly 'basic'/uninteresting affair compaired to most here,sorry peeps!




MOBO: ABIT KG7 (non Raid board),




MEM: 256Mb DDR (unregistered ram)

SEAGATE ATA 100,20Gb 5,400 drive (x2)


GRFX: ATI RADEON 7500,64Mb DDR,Tv out.


SOUND: What's that!?


CASE: Full tower (6 bays) ATX,With 450w AMD/INTEL approved PSU.


COOLING: THERMAL TAKE VOLCANO 7,Plus case fan (with thermister)


CD ROM: 56X 'E-BUYER' Cheapy!

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yeah most ABIT boards that support XP will support any future socket A processer.. all you may ever have to do in the future is flash the Bios for it to reconize a higher speed like when we get the 2600+ processer :P

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