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ATI Radeon X1950XTX 3DMode Memory @882MHz?

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This is very interesting! I just loaded up my X1950XTX Bios on to Rabit v2.1.0 (Unless this version doesn't support this card) and the memory in 3DMODE is only listed as 882MHz (1764MHz). It must be an application issue because i don't think anyone looked this over. I'm pretty sure Rabit needs to be revised to get the correct clocks @3D MODE, don't you guys think? Here is what i'm talking about....




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I've saved my original Bios and tried modifying the fan speed, but apparently it doesn't work. Yes, i know all about ATI TOOL and ATI TOOL TRAY, but i don't want to use them at all. I had some problems with ATI TOOL and after i would come back from a game my screen would get corrupted and the system would freeze. Anyhow so you guys think ATI hard coded the fan speed into this card or what? I'll try some other things, but if anyone can help me figure this out, i'd be appreciated, thanks.



Degrees -> Fan Speed (I'm assuming)


0 ->88%



















ATIFlash 3.15 being used to flash in Windows XP SP2

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Either Rabit 2.1 doesn't support the card which means whatever i try to use for the paramitors won't work or that ATI hard coded the fan speed on all X1K cards.

The funny thing about ATI Tool or ATI Tool Tray is that you have to enable the overclocking feature just to get the fan settings enabled. Don't you get conflicts with CCC Overdrive still in use? I'm not going to post anymore until someone gives me some answers here! :P

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