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how 2 Flashing the bios

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I have download the Tmod's Bios Flash CD & Utility CDs NF/4/3/2+ATI

Must I only reboot my pc and first boot cd

then seach for the ocz tony's nf4 704-2bta

and press enter.

is that all?

or must i something do with clear cmos?


it's my first time


THX :)

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Clear the CMOS after flashing, then load the optimal defaults, F10 to save and exit, let it reboot and enter your custom settings. Make sure never to use any settings saved in CMOS Reloaded from another bios.


oke but my bios settings are now not stock

must I leave it on my oc settings?

let's say:

I reboot my pc now and boot the cd

then flashing

then turn off the pc

then clear the cmos (with the jumper?)

then turn the pc on

then load the optimal defaults

F10 to save and exit

reboot and set my own custom settings


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Technically yes, the new bios might require you to tweak your memory timings a bit, but they shouldn't be too different.


k thx


im going 2 sleep now it's now 23:23 here tomorrow @ 5:00 go stand up for work :(

i do it tomorrow thx for the info :)


with no tweak my memory timings can he boot up ?

or must i first tweak?

and yes which one must i tweak? first time :rolleyes:

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You already got some help Boosssssted (huh, difficult to get all the "s" right); nevertheless on Tmod's CD you'll also find some help, because he has included good instructions to how flash BIOS in a proper way. But of course to get there you must boot with the CD in.

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