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Bottom PCI-e slot question

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Hey guys, quick question as I have been told two different things.


Does the bottom PCI-e slot run at x8 or x16 (with the first being unoccupied). Like I said I have heard both ways and cannot find a lot of detail on it.


Currently I have my x1800xt in the second slot as it was heating up my chipset pretty well....thanks in advance :)

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Is not your bottom slot running 2x cause you haven't done the mod yet......even though you moved the jumpers......Even though it wont matter as you wont see the difference from 2x to 8x.

You should pull the chipset Fan and reseat it after cleaning it and recoating with AS5, this will pull your temps down, or even better get the Evercool VC-RE which will do a better job...



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