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[RESOLVED]BAD WD DRIVE>>> WD drive not detected

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Hello, I do not post / view here very often so I apologize if anything is done incorrectly or such however I could not find the issue anywhere and I believe it is a very atypical problem.


My issue I am having is with a DFI LanPartyUT Expert. The issue is that I have two PATA hard drives and 1 DVD Rom Drive however the only drive that gets detected is my main hard drive. The really weird part is, when I boot into windows both drives are there and function perfectly fine! This bothers me for several reasons, one being, since the DVD drive is not detected I am unable to boot from this Drive. Another being that boot takes far too long (I am assuming the IDE detection is timing out)


Initially not all drives would boot together as they do now. In order for them to boot correctly I had to put each hard drive on a seperate IDE line. In addition to this they both had to be set to Master. ( I assume if they were both set to Slave it may work as well.)


When they are not set in this configuration, and just the two hard drives are connected (ie Same line Master Slave, different lines Master Slave) it will detect both drives perfectly fine and even get to the windows loading screen very quickly, however it will ALWAYS blue screen with a MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION.


THinking that it was my Windows installation I wiped both drives and installed Windows on only one drive and I still get the same error message.


I have tried all the various configureations that can be set for these drives, in other machines they work perfectly fine.


With all of that being said, I would like to be able to get the BIOS to detect these drives at boot rather than only windows detecting them. In windows my main drive (Primary Master) is running in Ultra DMA-6 whereas the other drive (Secondary Master) and DVD drive (Secondary Slave) are running in Multi-Word DMA Mode 2 (which I have never heard of before).


My Primary Master is a Maxtor 250GB 133 Drive

My Secondary Master is a Western Digital 80HB 100 Drive


The Bios does not detect them. Windows Does.

When they are detected by the BIOS, windows Blue Screens.


Any help / suggestions you can give would be greatly appreaciated. If I have left anything out, sorry and I will gladly add it. Hopefully my Signiture is here and setup correctly if not I will update that. Thanks in advance for this really frustrating problem!

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I have not checked them against and I will do so however they do work in another machine without problem.


They also do function, as I have stated, in Windows however let me clarify that it is the Secondary Hard Drive and the DVD drive that do not show up in Windows (they are on the Secondary line)


I have not turned on any IDE raid functions and anything with RAID I have disabled if it seems appropriate.


While I realize that the power supply is not on the recoomended list for the motherboard, this issue seems to be rather awkward and unrelated (while I do recognize that it is possible however). What really throws me is that if they are in any other configureation Windows will blue screen however they are detected by the BIOS accurately. It does sound like for some reason it is trying to use RAID when put in the other configureations.


Again any ideas and suggestions on this issue are welcomed! Thanks!

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In all other settings (and jumper settings) the drive will show perfectly fine, however give the MACHINE EXCEPTION CHECK (hopefully thats right), In the configuration I am currently in, the WD drive does not show nor does the DVD drive (Same IDE Line).


If I yank the Maxtor drive from the its line, the WD drive still does not show nor does the DVD drive.


If I go into the BIOS if I force an auto detect on each line, it will detect the DVD drive, however upon booting it will "forget" and still list it as none.


It appears the the WD drive is the cause of the issues however I am thrown as to why it affects the DVD line as well. I can only guess is that the WD drive is timeing out and causing the BIOS to not check for the DVD drive or something along those lines.


Using WD Diagnostics I am showing a SMART status failure. The portion that has failed is:


Raw Read Error Rate: Value:200(in red) Threshold:51 Worst:1


This is leading me to beleive my drive is in fact not as healthy as I thought, does this sound like it could be the cause of my issues? As I have said before I can boot with this drive in any other machine, so I find it curious as to why this board would refuse to detect it.


Or is it possible that this error is the result of the BIOS not detecting it or is the drive in fact failing (this seems more likely)


I ask because I do not wish do buy another drive and run into the same issue (although at this point a new drive would be SATA, I would just like to resolve all other issues before proceeding)


Thank you for all your help.

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Well if the drive is showing an error using the drive maker's own utilities it would just about have to be bad...as for working in another machine?...who knows....maybe the other rig is not reading the drive error at all...or does not trip the error at boot like it does on NF4...who knows and I am most assuredly not a drive guru...I find it bad and I have to move to the next step of rma'ing the drive if it is in warranty...since failing smart is grounds for rma.



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Never connect a PATA hardrive on the same chain as a cd/dvd drive. The controller will only run as fast as the slowest drive (UDMA -2).


And it sounds like your WD drive is toast, which would pull down the entire chain and make them not detected.


Remove the WD and set up the DVD-rom by itself on the second controller with jumper set to master, or cable select.


It will probably be detected. Let us know.

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I am going to say that it is the drive failing and leave it at that. I just wanted to be sure if/when I get a newer drive that I wouldnt have the same issues.


As for connecting the DVD/Hard Drive in the same line, that was the only way to get the hard drive to be usable in windows. The WD drive is just a spare for some extra storage, the warrenty ran out over 2 years ago so I believe it is at least 5 years old.


If I were to remove the hard drive from the line with just the DVD drive I am pretty sure the dvd drive will show up, it shows up when I force an auto detect on it. So the only common problem is this drive.


If anyone would like me to try anything out for their own satisfactions I'd be happy to, otherwise im satified with blaming it on the drive and calling this issue resolved.

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