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Guest polo_merged

Opteron 175 CCBBE 0613 RPMW

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Guest polo

ReelFiles --> look at the link above...Picture size is 337 kb, and I can post that big.


Praz...The date is from today. My Dual Prime was running whole night to this morning.

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Here are some specs from last night overclocking...


So far it seems to be good


Opty 175 @ 3008 Mhz

Vcore - 1,375 volt

Multiplier - x11

Bus speed - 273 Mhz

Memory - 200 Mhz


What do you think?


Hello everyone since I have a RIG similiar to yours (polo) I was hopping that you can advise me how can I do to set My system more stable and maybe try to reach your OC "Congratulations for it" this is a pic of my system at SUPER PI:cool: 32MB x2 stable.



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Is CPU-Z reading your voltage correctly? If you really are putting 1.66 volts through it that seems like an awful lot, especially for that speed.


Have you read the overclocking guide here yet? If not that should be your first priority.


After that I suggest starting over from scratch, I can't imagine that voltage is necessary as a 175 is already at 2.2GHz to start off with.


Leave it at 11x multi

Put the memory on a 1:2 divider

Set voltage at or near stock ~1.35-1.4 to start

Start raising the FSB slowly, maybe 10 at a time.

Boot to ensure she still works, run OCCT for a bit (it's better than pi) to ensure stability there.


I wouldn't run more than 1.55 volts through that processor unless you have watercooling or one helluva big heatsink. Even then, 1.65 would be my absolute max for testing purposes.

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