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Help me pick a low-heat, low-cost, lowish-power PSU

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My media computer started acting really odd, (not booting into windows, not recognizing onboard sound and NIC) and the antec 380 true power seems to be the core of my problems. I've actually had this happen before with an Antec power supply, so... meh.


Anyway, I work near Fry's (I'm at work now). My lunch is in 10 minutes, I'm going down to pick up NWN2 (on sale!) and will take a look at power supplies. Hopefully someone can reccomend something good?


It's for an Antec Overture case. The fan should be in a normal place, not sure how well a bottom-mounted fan would work. Still might be alright though.


Athlon 3000+ (socket 754)

512mb DDR3200 (Kingston)

DFI Lanparty 250gb

5 hard drives (3x120 & 1x160 ide, 1x200 sata)

dvd rom

Geforce 4 mx series (PCI)

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