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What resolution is your desktop normally at?


305 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • 800x600 (I need to get a life...and a new monitor...)
    • 1024x768
    • 1280x1024
    • 1440x900
    • 1600x1200
    • 1680x1050
    • 1920x1200
    • Other (please list!)

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1280X1024 seems like a common one for me even though on my 15" laptop it is hard to read sometimes. It is the native res and looks better. I have a 24" wide Dell and 20" wide Dell and of course they have odd res. Can't remember what my 19's run at but I think 1280x1024. I always use native res on LCD's, They seem to work better.


Speaking of seeing. The orange (or what ever it is) letters on this new design is hard for me to read on the background under certain lighting?

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