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Happy Haloooweeeeennnnn

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I made a manakin using some clothes and packing peanuts from all my newegg orders and put a mask on it. Then I dressed exactly like it. Sat both of us down on a bench on my porch and jumped at everyone that rang the doorbell. I scared soo many people, it was the best halloween ever.


Way back when I was wee feller (13 maybe) my father did this and some dude reacted and accidentally bloodied his nose. :tooth:


Another cool trick is to find some people fishing the good old way: with sinkers and corks. Simply get that wet suit you got laying around, the full oxygen tank, and go in down stream as they nod off. Then, yank their line a wee bit and jump up exclaiming "Booga booga booga" and streaming water everywhere. People can run really fast when they want to.



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