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this is a post from one of our members regarding our last victory.im prokon

"It was very intense. Those guys played us really hard on CSAR.


We started on Defense. Prokon and Eagle took the south approach while I defended North solo. The SF ladder is unique because it can be disorienting not seeing the normal information. For example, death messages were disabled, so you didn't always know if that RPG or 203 connected with a kill. You also didn't have information on how many bullets are in your clip or how many nades you have left. The SAI was very helpful though, and gave some extra info on where people were when they went down.


They got us a few times when we were on defense, but we held tough. There were a few times we killed them at the pilot taking the last objective to win.


We had the lead going to Assault, but we had to win 3 rounds to tie. We managed to eake out some strong assaults and held Fat Chicks to a tie in the last round.


The tiebreaker was suppose to be Dockside, which would have been a much tougher match. For some reason or another, the server would not switch to Dockside, and Prokon talked to Fat Chicks about the problem. That's when THEY suggested we use Sandstorm instead!


Needless to say we were excited about their decision to use Sandstorm for the tiebreaker.


Sudden death overtime, one round takes all. Eagle, Prokon, and I suit up and head out toward the middle objective. I flash the top stairs and go around the central objective south. Eagle goes right up the middle, and Prokon goes with him. I hear Prokon go down to my left, but he hasn't gone down alone, he took one of the Fat Chicks with him. Just as Prokon went down, I hear Eagle opening up with his M4. At this point I'm at central and the action is happening at the central stairs. I sprint through the 4-way to help Eagle. Meanwhile, Eagle has taken some hits but takes down 2 of the Fat Chicks when a third one pops around the wall as Eagle reloads. Eagle ducks and dodges around a wall, reloading the whole time right as I bring my rifle to bear on the enemy. The enemy, seeing me, starts to dive around his wall. Eagle, still reloading, flanks through the window of Central as I advance, but my rounds strike true and the round ends. The three of us had taken the four of them out in around 45 seconds.


They shoulda known better to mess with ANTS in their own sandbox!"


when i first started AA i thought it was oh soo lame.the training the waiting.....but after giving the game a chance i really got into over the last year and a half. it is by far my favorite fps! HOOAH!

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training is annoying.. i had the game for like 3 days then removed it... it annoyed me how every single time i would have to hear the same old lectures over and over again if i didnt complete or pass a training mission.

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lol this is funny i thought from our clan forum


ProKoN wrote:

youll be happy you got the dfi and not the asus.











Gac..I gave him a dfi that I didnt like after having ASUS before and after for quite awhile...


To me The Asus if much much easier to overclock mine has been flawless with no criticals or chip fan problems..fbs at 1100 2.4 overclock with many adjustable settings for voltages as well as memory speeds..


Of course I wouldnt give you a plugged nickle for pentium cpu's so you might be better off with dfi if you have microsoft..AMD has been much better for my use..





does this guy know what hes talkin about or what lol

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