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Raid 1?

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Acronis is the best when it comes to backing up an entire drive to media like dvd+r


to find out how to use it, you should visit their site, or google a little bit if you plan to use it


three of us (rgone, me, praz) use it and its the best (I'm an old Norton Ghost user heh)


If you used Norton Ghost in the past then you definately know how to make a good clean backup! I will take your word as well as Praz and will give Acronis a try. I did visit their website and the program has some nice features. Does anybody know if this software can burn double sided DVD-Rs?

Thanks to everybody that has replied to my post. :)

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Well the way that I will be doing mine this is as follows;


1. You want to have a dam fast read and write speed from your hard disk of your o/s and apps etc... So you get 2 x 36GB WD Raptors and configure them as a RAID-0. (Striping)


2, ok so you might think, thats prity dum of you. If one disk goes baing you have lost the lot. Correct but wrong. Lets read no.3


3, You Then have 2 x 250GB or 350GB WD 16MB Cache etc... does not matter about if its SATA II or SATA, thats just a marketing thing to get people's money. In reality you dont even get to the top end of a 150 datatransfure unless you buffer it all up and do one large burst which seems prity dum. The raports dont even top 150, so really these disks saing o wow we 300Gb/s transfure is a wast of $$££$£££. Its the Averege read/Write to the disk that counts hence why scsi is so good but not so good as it makes one hek load of heat that kills all the components on the disk. (And very unreliable and adds about 100000million years onto the boot up of your PC. Well it seems that way anyways) - Sliding into 4.


4, The 2x 360/250 Hard disks are a RAID - 1 (mirror) This way you store all your data and all your back ups eg images of programs, back up of os etc...



Video's/Music = 100GB P

Doc's Web stuff or what ever you do = 100GB P

Images of apps etc.. = 78GB P

OS Back up = 72GB P


You can change that about. ^^^


You should not lose any data that way as its all on the 2 large R-1 disk's. Also you will have a very fast machine for loading apps and saving files.

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