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[DIY] Gaming Clan

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COMMISSIONED SINCE 13th October 2006



Our clan is based within the popular Xfire program which is a free integrated VOIPmessengerdownload systemgame server browser with the ability to track and join friends making gaming simpler.


To download the Xfire program or read up on it, see:



Xfire has nearly 8.5million users and supports over 700 games from Windows Minesweeper to games such as Call Of Duty, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Counterstrike, WarCraft, The Battlefield Series and Sims2 just naming a few.


Basically if you game on your PC, Xfire can help, its for this reason the clan has been made, to bring DIY Street together as a gaming community.


To view our Gaming Clan Home Page, (Our independent clan pages will come soon):





To Join use the Xfire-[DIY] home page(^above^).


Who's Who


Wevsspot..............................Clan Organizer




Come and join us, support your forum and our gaming community!!


We want to hear your ideas so any questions, problems or suggestions please get in touch.

PM email or post in thread






Server: Diy-Street


Port Number: 4512


You don't need a mic + Vent, but really...you'll be the only odd person out that won't be using it which means you'll have to type in the game which means you probably won't have as much fun or get as much info etc.






Network Name: Angry_Games

Network Pass: games

UDP-TDP Ports: 32804


Once you've installed Hamachi, go into Network Connections - Advanced - Advanced Settings and make sure you move the Hamachi adapter to the top of the list (some games will use the LAN IP of the first available adapter, so you want Hamachi to be the first).


Once you are on the network, hit the Configure Hamachi button, then choose preferences, then under Detailed Configuration (in the middle), put a check box next to TCP and UDP ports and set them for 32804. Port-forward your router/firewall accordingly for Port 32804 for both TCP and UDP.


Next, remember that when hosting a game, other players will need to connect to your Hamachi IP address if they don't see the game automatically (as if they were on your LAN next to you...some games like RS Vegas and others will see all LAN games hosted, some, like Sins of a Solar Empire, you'll have to manually input the IP of the game you want to connect to).


To do this, make sure you know the Network's IP address:


You shouldn't need to do anything more than this. If you do, just ask here. I'm adding this to the first post for everyone.




Or you can use the DIY FlashChat found here;






by the way, EVERYONE should thank dr_bowtie for snagging this 20-slot server for one year with his own cash.


It works, and it works like a charm, so THANK YOU dr_bowtie ya bastard.


As he said, be on the uppity-up on this server as we don't tolerate tomfoolery on it anymore than we do here...

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What servers do we have.


And for me preferably, do we have a Counter-Strike Source server?


I actually just canceled my server, because I'm going to switch to Nuclear Fallout Servers, but I'm just waiting for an old clan mate to get some people so we can have consistent donations going.


I wouldn't mind putting up [DFI-Street] On the end of the name.

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apart from North America and the UK we have only one member from anywhere else and thats icez84 from Singapore(hey that rhymes) lets see some more support.


It would be nice to see a lot more diversity in the clan get a 24hr global gaming community ready for the upcoming DFI Street Gaming Clanserver. (and then take over the world?)


@shadezero we have no servers up at the moment but they will be one BF2 server soon and one CSS before January dedicated to DFI-street clan more details tommorow, do you use xfire?

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hurray servers


Hopefully I can get BF2 to work so I can play with you guys, but currently im addicted to DoD:S






BF1942 (rather not play)

BF Vietnam (would be fun to try)

BF2 (if I can get it to work)


C&C First decade

Diablo II

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I'd think about joining, but I don't play many FPS games and those I do are on the old side. Halo and Quake4 being about the only ones I play. Once I get another one of my computers up and runing again, I'll have my Halo server back up but I seem to be the only person who plays it :P


If I wind up getting into BF2142 I'll get on board as I'm sure at least some other people will be playing that one. Waiting for the demo to DL as I type this.

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@shadezero we have no servers up at the moment but they will be at least one BF2 and one CSS before January dedicated to DFI-street clan more details tomorrow, do you use xfire?


Xfire: ShadeZeR0

**with a number zero as the last part


and btw, its going to be a 100Tick Accelerated CS:S server.

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Please use [DFI] as a prefix in all online games as this is our clan tag and many of us have different names for different games, server update tonight.



sent you an invite cos you never know who's playing what in our clan and im sure we'll meet up some where, (OT, seen the trailor for the new HALO game and it is looking good)

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