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Community Colleges

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I am strongly considering going to a community college for 1 or 2 years than transferring to a state university (Stony Brook University, Oneonta, Oswego)

Going to take core credits at the community college, anyways just curious if anyone here went to community college, can share opinions/experiences.

My cousin once told me to go away because I will not take community college seriously, is he right?




Osama, do you have a set in stone idea of what you want to major in? If not, I strongly suggest going to a community college and transferring for a number of reasons. Personally, I decided right out of high school that I wanted to major in Computer Science at a four year university. After my sophomore year, and many pre-requisites towards Computer Science, I decided that it was boring among being very difficult and non-opinionated. After taking some business classes, I decided to change majors but this had some major drawbacks. For example, nothing in Computer Science transfers over to business except math. So pretty much it cost me a good 2 years of totally nothing. Basically to make a long story short, those two years I wasted pursuing another degree that had no relevance to my new degree is pushing my Grad time back by the same amount of time.


So I strongly suggest in my own experience to get your GE done at a Community College, then transfer over and explore your options. A very efficient way to see if that community college will be accepted by your intended colleges is to ask those 4 year universities for their articulation agreements. This shows their acceptable transferable units acquired through other community colleges.


This is my schools:




Honestly man if you want help, it never hurts to ask, what you are doing now is a great idea. Call the student services at the colleges to get further assistance. DON’T EMAIL THEY NEVER REPLY BACK.


Hope this helps and contact me if you have any other questions.

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