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Having a few memory problems..

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I'm having a few problems with my machine. Its runs smooth I guess but its glitchy at times none the less.


First of all I checked my memory voltage with OCZ's site, it states that my memory voltage should be 2.75V, I checked this with nTune and ITEGuardian and they both said my ''Memory/DRAM'' Voltage was 2.00V.. So I went into my BIOS and changed the voltage under DRAM to 2.74V. I booted back into windows and and checked nTune/ITEGuardian and they now read 2.62V. This is in addition to my memory running at 332mhz when it should be 400mhz, as well as when I use nTune/SpeedFan to display my memory information the 4th DIMM "vendor name: Unkown, vendor part number: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" where as the rest read OCZ etc. etc. ..So maybe my 4th stick is bad?


Also, how do I go about setting the stock timings or at least ensuring that they are in fact set at the stock speeds?



Heres the memory I have:



All drivers and BIOS are up to date



rig specs


AMD X2 4600+ Manchester s939

DFI nF4-SLI Expert

OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Platinum Revision 2 - 4x512mb

OCZ ModStream 520w


Creative X-Fi XM

Western Digital SATA 74Gb Raptor, Caviar 2x320Gb


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The Expert board requires a native 8-pin EPS 12v power connector as well as a 4-pin floppy power connector to provide extra power to your motherboard.


You can find memtest86 inside Genie BIOS. As far as memory timings you can go look at our stock speed datatbase. You may find someone with your same RAM and motherboard and try their timings.


If you flashed your BIOS you may need to perform a CMOS clear.

Also, if you can post your Genie BIOS and Dram configuration settings it may help us diagnose your issue a little better.


If you have not tested your RAM, it's most likely the problem. Your power supply isn't the best choice for this board either.

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Doesn't sound like you've configured your RAM correctly. This board is definately not just plug-and-play - you'll have to spend some time setting it up correctly to run.


Your first step is to read the overclocking guide, even if you aren't intending to overclock (yet!?) It will give you some good advice on the BIOS settings that you see and give you a starting point.


The guys over on bleedinedge's OCZ support forum will also be able to give you some good settings for your RAM. As a starting point, here are some settings for your RAM in the Expert board but they will more than likely need some tweaking for 4 sticks...


To memTest each stick you have to have it in the furthest orange slot from the CPU. Run tests 5 and then 8 for 10+ passes each on each stick. If all pass, try running on all 4 and then leave to run all tests overnight. To get all 4 sticks running you may need to back off the timings a little, probably adjust drive strength, and you will have to run 2T.

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