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I'm stumped, maybe I'm just dumb

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Here are a few things you might try, but honestly I think either the bios chip is hosed, or possibly a hardware failure on the board.


- Disconnect the CDROM drive if its hooked up

- Disconnect the Hard drive if its hooked up

- make sure the clear cmos jumper is in the run position.

- Try providing the secondary power connections from another set of rails.

(If you have a multimeter I would check each and every PSU connection powering the mobo for proper power.

- Try another PSU? Even a decent 450 or 500 W PSU might help you eliminate that component.

- push the nvram chip down into its socket with your thumb to make sure it is seated properly.

- Try one stick of RAM in each socket (yes each yellow and orange socket) one at a time. make sure you turn off the powa when you change the sticks around. If you have 2 sticks do it again in each slot one at a time, with the second stick.

- Pull the CPU out. check for bent pins, improper seating, reinstall. Try again.

- Try another CPU, if you have one available.


If after all that you cant get into the bios, you are probaby looking at an RMA :(

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Goes completely against the "rules", but for some strange reason plugging in an older (480w 21A) 20 pin PS got my system past the first hurdle and then my OCZ PS worked fine afterwards.

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Nope.... it wouldn't boot another system either..... needed a cmos reset which is something I'd never heard of before in my life for a PS.


The PS was hooked up 3 or 4 times outside of the case and just wouldn't boot the board..... the 20 pin booted the board right off of the bat.


Don't know why.... but that's what worked for me.

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