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Nf4 raid JBOD conversion?

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ADMINS: I apploigize for the double topic/post earlier that an admin merged back into one post i have above, but that issue has been resolved and this (below) is the main issue, and is un-related, could you delete the previous thread and keep this one please? Thanks




I had a Raid from a rocket raid pci card that was JBOD (4 x 500gb disks = 1 2tb volume, not raid0)


that pci controller crashed and will not work in any of my machines (in fact casues any machine its put into, to not boot).


I've taken the 4 drives out and connected them to a machine i have with a SLI DR and the nf4 chipset raid.


when i press f10 and get the nf4 raid screen i see all the drives and am asked to make a raid:


My question is, can i just add all the drives to a new array and set the type to "spanning" (which is what the NF4 raid screen calls JBOD). and have my old raid back?


if not what is the best way to recover this raid..the drives are fine, just the controller whacked out, and from what i understand JBOD is not hard to recover since its not really a raid.


edit: i did yesterday tryd loading one of the 500gb drives using the machine in my sig. but windows only wanted to initialize it and did not see any volumes...ive refrained from running any recovery or such software since i dont think there is damage, just no working RAID controller. i also dont want to buy a new card to replace this one since one i get it back, im putting them on a GOOD promise card.




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