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PWM IC Heat During Prime95 Stress Test

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I recently started dabbling in overclocking my PC. I thought I'd start small, just to get a feel for things. I currently have an AMD Opteron 170 2.0gHz (10x200)


I kept bumping up the FSB till I got to 220, for a grand total of 2.2gHz


I followed the guide posted here on setting up Prime95 for a dual core CPU (shortcuts, affinity, memory settings, etc)


I kept my Smartguardian open so I could monitor tempatures, as I dont have watercooling. About 5 minutes into the stress testing, Smartguardian said my PWMIC temp was getting hot (number was red instead of green). It was at 46-47C while red. Idle it hangs around 43-44C


What is that the tempature of? And what is the max I want it to be?

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