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Official FX-60 BIOS more unstable than beta?

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I flashed to the official release of FX-60 because I've been having some trouble with my DVD-RW's rebooting my computer even though the setup is completely stable. But now I need to go to 3.1v VDIMM to get my RAM to run stable at 232MHz 2-2-2-5 instead of 2.9-3.0.


Is this because of some of the new options for RAM that I didn't set right? Or is it just a common problem with the stability?


If the case is that it's just more unstable, is there a good alternative?

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I've always had wonderful results with Tony's 704-2bta using all sorts of different memory.

Was the best clock (240FSB) I ever had with my Special 2-2-2 BH-6 as well (used 3.3v).

Why not post your memory setting and maybe we can make some recommendations?

A good program for a screenshot is A64Info.

Make sure you let us know what DDS and DDDS are set to as well.

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Thanks for the quick answer.


I'll maybe try that one, but what BIOS is it based on, and are you running in the orange slots?


I've taken the shots here:






I'm not sure I'm familiar with the DDS and DDDS terms?

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I run that BIOS, its dated 11/14/05 I believe and it came on my board as standard. Not flashed to another yet and all is running ok. Memory is BH-6 at 209Mhz tight timings at 2.8v.


Not really puched the memory any higher as of yet. Just bedding the X2 in at 2.5Ghz stock volts ;)

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Man I had been looking all over for old info all day.

I know I used a slight variation of these for the BH-6

@2800MHz ie;280x10


DRAM Config 5/6







16 or 14

03 or 02


02 or 01

03 or 02

3120 maybe 0648





level 8 = Normal 4

level 2

MAL 8.0

DRAM Response Time: Normal

Read-Pre 6.5







In Genie Bios



1.350v (This is about 1.52v, with VID% below)

above VID *= 113% (that's the max percentage on this bios



As I remember I needed 3.0 for 200MHz but usually ran 3.3v-3.4v to get stable at 240FSB.

Yes I had active cooling on the RAM and on the Vdimm MOSFet (small fan blowing on the area)


I don't know if this is what you are looking for but it allowed me to get my highest clocks on the Opty 146. I found it to be a very compatible bios with many types of RAM (BH-5 and BH-6 Mushkin, UTT/BH-5 OCZ PC3200 Gold, UCCC - Mushkin DDR500 XP-4000 (991483)


You may want to register on the Mushkin Forums as they've got very good support as well.

Again I'm trusting my memory here but none of the settings should hurt anything

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I will try your settings later on today, but just taking a quick glims of your settings they seem slower than mine? I'm not sure though. How many MHz are your RAM running? Is it 5/6 of 240MHz or how is it supposed to be understood?


I thank you for your help again.

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280 at 5/6 = 233

Thought you were trying to get over 2.8G

Heard those new 3700s were rocket ships

This allowed me to get to 290x10 (241)

Not sure if they will work for you but where I was with 704-2bta and BH-6.

It's all about MHz in A64 land as Happy_Games has said.

You can try tighter timings or different dividers as well.


Not sure which bioses you have tried but on the 704-2bta

DDS = DRAM Drive Strength

DDDS = Dynamic Data Drive Strenth

Normal 4 = Level 8,

weak 4 = Level 7

Normal 3 = Level 6

Weak 3 = Level 5, etc.


I had 2x80mm fans blowing over the RAM and Vdimm MOSFET for (cooling).

Suspended them with a bracket and some very strong double sided tape on the bottom of an OCZ 520 PSU.


BH-5/BH-6 always responded well to more voltage for me if given adequate cooling.

In rereading your 1st post you may be trying to use less Vdimm in your rig.

Wishing you well whatever the goal is.

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