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Dippy's back.... with a vengence. :^D (pics)

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Well, having finished highschool, I'm now working an IT job on the weekends, leaving me a lot of free time... and a bit more money than most teens have just out of highschool. :cool:



So, I rebuilt my Ultra-D system. :drool:


(yes, I'll be updating my sig asap!)



I also got to setup my first go at some decent cooling- WATER! :)









Doing a very mild overclock right now only 10HTT, to give me +100mhz.


However, I have a few suprises coming via UPS :tooth:




I was having a severe problem with the chipset a while ago, giving me well over 50C temp readings, giving me the alarm and being unstable.


Added some arctic ceramique, and DANG look at that! the fan sucks no more! :D

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Soooo ghetto :-p but looks good!


Yeah, I have another stick of ram to put me up to 1gb, and an extra little suprise on its way :)


those 90 degree bends are killing your flow man! Looks gangster.


I was trying to avoid them as much as possible- but the size of this radiator prohibits that greatly.


Then again, temperatures arent exactly the weak point with this either :) More flow isnt going to help much if at all right now. Need to oc cpu more! :D


EDIT: D'oh! sorry! havent been here forever, and I'm used to being able to post bigger than 800x600!

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Guest caffeinejunkie

Very nice I like the ghetto jar/res thingy but better fix those pics before the mods get after ya :cool:


edit: man the mods are quick lol

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What matters is your cpu is cooler now and those overclocks are going to get serious. What are you gonna do about transportation if you want to go to a Lan party?

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