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BF2 Players Thread Clan-Tag Poll


30 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • DFI-St
    • DFI_St
    • DF1-St
    • DF1_St
    • DF!-St
    • DF!_St

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why not just DFI Street lol but my vote goes for DFI_ST


Clan tag can be only 6 characters long.


i personnaly like clan tag like [DFI]


Well I asked for ideas to be put forward in the BF2 Players Thread and no-one did so, the vote was made from the ideas that were put forward.


I am multi-talented but, reading minds is still on my list of 'to do's' ;)


Cant edit the poll now I dont think so, if you want [DFI] then dont vote but make a post saying you want that, all caps can be decided after if required so, just vote for the format of the text that you want from above.



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just to bollox it up some more bf2 does not allow prefixes to include "." or "-" in em which means DFI-ST, DF1-St, and DF!-St are all no go's, sorry!

[DFI] or DFI_ST work and seem to be the favourites!

I voted for the latter but I have to say the more I see the [DFI] one the more i like it!

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